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The First Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Debuts

Director Patty Jenkins and the warrior princess of Themyscira herself, Gal Gadot, took the stage at CCXP in Brazil to debut the first trailer for next summer’s Wonder Woman 1984. The anticipation for this film has been building since the first leaked set photos, and there has been no shortage of q...

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Lost Visions: Justice League: Mortal

When I saw Shazam!, there were a lot of things I was excited about, particularly the idea that D.J. Cotrona and Adam Brody were going to be featured as members of the Shazam! family. DC has a habit of giving nods to past productions in their various projects, with Christopher Reeve showing up on Sma...

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REVIEW: Batman: Last Knight on Earth #1

Scott Snyder has left an indelible mark on the Batman mythos. While he was working on Detective Comics, I first started reading his work when he collaborated with Greg Capullo on “The Court of Owls,” the introductory Batman story of the New 5. (which has since been adapted, relatively sp...

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DC Comics Moves to Censor Iconic Comic Book Art

After the publication of psychiatrist Fredric Wertham’s book Seduction of the Innocent in 1954, which accused comic books of having a negative impact on the minds of children, publishers opted to create a self-regulating oversight committee over government regulation of comic book content. This co...

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DC to Open Restaurant in UK

If Arrow’s Oliver Queen ever goes to the UK, he won’t have to look for a Big Belly Burger. Bleeding Cool reports that permission has been given to DC to build a restaurant that is “intended to reflect the DC Multiverse” in the Soho area of London. They will be using an Art Deco style &hellip...

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Why I’m Excited: Justice League vs. The Fatal Five

I’m a huge fan of the DCAU. In many ways, Bruce Timm’s animated DC opus has not only had a profound effect on fans like me, but has also carried over to the live-action depictions of these characters via the likes of Harley Quinn. Yet in recent years, Bruce Timm has begun to move away … <...

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