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Marvel to Interview Potential X-Men Movie Writers

 Now that the writers’ strike has ended, Hollywood wants to get some more movies into development for when the actors settle their disputes as well. That means hearing pitches for the big blockbuster movies that have been in the ether for years. On that note, Deadline has heard from sources and �...

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The Writers’ Strike is Over

The Writer’s Strike is officially over. As of 12:01 AM Pacific on Wednesday, September 27, the members of the WGA will be allowed to go back to work, as the deal between the union and the AMPTP has been… okay, not approved but “suggested” by union leaders. WGA members will now vote on whethe...

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Deal Tentatively Struck in Writers’ Strike

The writers’ strike may be coming to an end. The WGA and the AMPTA have reached a tentative agreement, which the WGA described as “an agreement in principle on all deal points, subject to drafting final contract language,” in an email to “strike captains.” In other words, nothing is final ...

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Drew Barrymore and Bill Maher Bullied into Canceling Their Shows’ Returns

Over the past couple of weeks, two celebrities announced that they would be bringing back their talk shows amid the writers’ strike, in both cases complying with WGA rules and not having scripted content. Since then, both have been brow-beaten into backing down. First, Drew Barrymore said that The...

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The Marvels’ Likely Failure Being Blamed on Strikes

Hollywood is making the best of the writers’ and actors’ strikes. In an article by The Abbotsford News, filmmakers are preparing the masses for a season of cinematic bombs, with The Marvels leading the charge. Director Nia DaCosta spoke about the inability of the film’s stars to promote the m...

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Drew Barrymore Ignores SAG-AFTRA Strikes

After initially endorsing the striking writers and actors guilds, Drew Barrymore is pressing on with her daytime talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show. Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter shares that audience members have been kicked out before filming for having signs or buttons endorsing the strikes....

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