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The Saga Ends

If you had told me ten years ago that Star Wars fans would be in an uproar over Disney’s handling of the legendary space opera franchise, I’d have chuckled at the very least. George Lucas’ final trilogy outing of his historic and groundbreaking creation was certainly met with some criticism by...

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REVIEW: Royal Rumble 2018

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was the home of WWE Royal Rumble 2018. As crowds of fans filled up the Wells Fargo Center, Philly was electrified with “Rusev Day” chants echoing throughout the arena. This year’s Rumble saw highs and lows; history was made with the first ever Women’...

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The Women’s Revolution Comes to Royal Rumble

There is a revolution happening: there are more superbly talented women in politics, sports and entertainment than ever before, and more women are standing as a united front, using their voices and talents within their respected fields and getting themselves heard. You may not know that wrestling is...

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REVIEW: Survivor Series (2017)

Survivor Series has been one of the biggest PPVs in Sports Entertainment since its debut in 1987 and 30 years later it still stands as one of the biggest events on WWE’s calendar.It is also one of the most high pressure PPV events as Survivor Series of past years have given fans some of the &h...

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