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An Interview With Eric July

I had the privilege of sitting down and chatting with Eric July, founder and owner of The Rippaverse. Blabbering Collector: When did you pick up your first comic book? What was it? Eric July: Oh man, I can’t remember the actual year, but it was a Flash book. I was introduced by my mother. I &h...

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Disney in the Dumps: Weekly Recap – March 21st

Another week, another slew of headlines featuring Disney falling flat on their faces. Poor Walt must be rolling in his grave. Let’s jump in! Shanghai Resort Closes Due to Covid Spike in China China’s Shanghai Disney resort has closed yet again due to a spike in Covid-19. The park closed ...

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G4 Hides Backlash From Viewers After Epic “Sexism In Gaming” Meltdown

G4 has burst back onto the gaming scene after nearly a decade-long hiatus as host Indiana “Froskurinn” Black lashed out at “sexism in gaming” in an epic meltdown rant. we stand with @Froskurinn and the women in the space pic.twitter.com/oEU9gFPCkc — G4TV (@G4TV) January...

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DC’s Future Reveals the State of Comics

Legendary publisher DC Comics is no stranger to multiverse-spanning events that result in dire consequences for its characters. Last year, we were told that the publisher had designs on rebooting their multiverse whilst jumping the timeline forward several years. The resulting relaunch was dubbed 5G...

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