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That Star Wars Girl’s YouTube Channel Mistakenly Demonetized

One of the Fandom Menace’s most important YouTube creators experienced a bit of a crisis this week. Anna, better known by her YouTube moniker “That Star Wars Girl,” was searching for more information on the YouTube Partner Program when she mistakenly clicked on what she thought to be a link to...

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INTERVIEW: Spaceworld Creator Brock LaBorde

The Room is a film I’ve enjoyed since I first saw it in college, and one that helped me forge lifelong friendships. When I first heard about Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero’s new project, Spaceworld, I was intrigued. After reviewing the pilot, I knew I had to find out more, so I reached ou...

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Tommy Wiseau Stars in Animated Sci-Fi Comedy Pilot Spaceworld

Tommy Wiseau is going from The Room to a Star Wars parody. The infamous writer/director stars in Octopie Studios’ animated pilot Spaceworld as the bounty hunter named TX who, of course, has a mysterious past that he will surely be trying to uncover with every episode. Tagging along for the rid...

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Fandom Menace YouTuber Megs Needs Your Help

A member of the Fandom Menace needs our help. Megan Baunach, “Megs” from the Jolly and Megs Show on YouTube, has been diagnosed with a Chiari malformation, a condition in which the brain tissue descends into the spinal column and blocks cerebral spinal fluid from flowing normally. She’s due to...

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The Saga Ends

If you had told me ten years ago that Star Wars fans would be in an uproar over Disney’s handling of the legendary space opera franchise, I’d have chuckled at the very least. George Lucas’ final trilogy outing of his historic and groundbreaking creation was certainly met with some criticism by...

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Jack Black Launches YouTube Gaming Channel

It looks like Jack Black is about to level up. Variety reports that the Goosebumps star and Tenacious D frontman is launching a gaming channel entitled Jablinski Games, where the focus will be on games, food, and life. I really liked his failed attempts to imitate famous YouTube gamers, although I ...

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