Ted Series Trailer Brings Seth MacFarlane’s Bear to the Small Screen

Peacock has released a trailer for Ted, the upcoming prequel series to the two comedy films Ted and Ted 2. Ted (the show; I really wish they’d stop naming different movies and shows in a series the exact same thing) finds John Bennett, the character played by Mark Wahlberg in the films, in high school, where he’s accompanied by the titular foul-mouthed teddy bear as he navigates his awkward teen years. Seth MacFarlane returns as the voice of Ted (or, rather, as the voice of Peter Griffin embodying Ted) and serves as executive producer and head writer. Max Burkholder, Scott Grimes, Alanna Ubach, and Giorgia Whigham also star. Ted will consist of seven episodes, all of which will arrive on Peacock on January 11, 2024. You can see the trailer below:

This is underwhelming. I liked Ted (the movie) fine, but I never saw the sequel, and a prequel series about Mark Wahlberg’s character in high school seems unnecessary. How far can they stretch this premise? I get it; the teddy bear can talk, and he curses a lot, tries to get laid, and sounds like a popular cartoon character. It was funny enough once, but I didn’t think this would become a franchise. And the staleness of the idea is all over this trailer; Ted is doing all the things he did in the movie, only he and John are in high school now so it’s even more inappropriate. I’m glad to see Scott Grimes, who plays (or possibly played, depending on whether the show comes back) pilot Gordon Malloy on Seth MacFarlane’s outstanding sci-fi series The Orville, pop up in this, but other than that, it doesn’t look like anything special.

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