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Andrew Lincoln to Continue as Rick Grimes for The Walking Dead Expansion Plans

SPOILERS BELOW FOR THOSE WHO AREN’T CAUGHT UP WITH THE WALKING DEAD! Andrew Lincoln isn’t putting his zombie killing ways behind him just yet. In the wake of Lincoln’s exit from The Walking Dead, Deadline reports that he is set to star in a series of films written by former Walking Dea...

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Showtime is Bringing Penny Dreadful Back, But Not in the Way We Expected

Today Penny Dreadful’s Facebook page and that of the original show’s composer Abel Korzeniowski shared the news that Penny Dreadful will be revived in the form of a spinoff. Here’s the original post: Death isn’t always the finale. Penny Dreadful returns to Showtime Networks with ...

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Geeks + Gamers Staff Halloween Picks: TV Shows

Whether you’re getting your content in the form of microwaves received by the “rabbit ears” of your TV set or through a cable which delivers digital data to your Apple TV so you can watch Netflix and YouTube on your flat screen, TV is, without a doubt, the staple of entertainment ...

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Why I’m Excited: The Mandalorian

Like most fans, I’ve heard several stories about a potential Star Wars live action TV show. First, former Lucasfilm executive Rick McCallum talked about the idea for a show called Star Wars: Underworld seemingly being developed in tandem with a still in the works Clone Wars animated TV series. Af...

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Netflix Cancels Luke Cage

It looks like the Heroes for Hire will both be looking for work, as Deadline Hollywood is exclusively reporting that Netflix has officially canceled Marvel series Luke Cage. This news comes one week after the cancellation of fellow superhero show Iron Fist, and the just as Daredevil is launching its...

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Iron Fist Canceled

“Immortal” appears to be a relative term, as Deadline exclusively reports that Netflix has officially canceled Iron Fist. The streaming service and Marvel made a joint statement to Deadline today, in which they revealed that the series – part of Marvel’s Netflix block about street-level hero...

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