Terrifier 2 Doing Amazing Box Office Numbers; Reports of Viewers Vomiting, Passing Out

It appears 2022 may be a huge year for horror. On top of the final Halloween movie release (we’ll see), a Hellraiser reboot, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 release, we also got a surprise sequel in Terrifier 2.

It seems as though many love Art the Clown, as the $250,000 movie (before marketing) has garnered a whopping $1.75+ million at the box office so far. Interestingly enough, this film was only supposed to play for a week, but has earned another week due to fan demand and has even added more theaters.

If you haven’t seen the first film, it’s a pretty brutal slasher flick, like those from the 80s, about a clown named Art. It’s an aggressively gory movie without much plot – by design. The sequel has more gore, a longer running time, and an actual plot this time around. Add to those milestones another where moviegoers are bringing some of the horror out to the land of the real by vomiting and blacking out.

It isn’t exactly known how true these reports are. Are the stories simply made up to help push the film with viral marketing? Well, there are images and stories from people NOT connected with the film. Add to this a new warning from executive producer Steve Barton.

Even the director of Terrifier 2 swears that the reports are not a marketing stunt. He goes as far as to say he wishes he had thought of marketing on that level.

The warning and reports certainly seem real. The movie is also unrated and uncut, which might be a bit of a shock. This is a bit unusual for a theatrical release, but in a day and age where theaters are begging for more movies, it only makes sense.

Basically, if you couldn’t handle the first movie, maybe steer clear of this one. Or don’t. It’s your upchuck. Just try and keep it off your neighbor in the seat beside you.

Do you plan on seeing Terrifier 2? Let us know!

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