The Acolyte Clip: “Awake” and Runtimes Revealed

Yesterday, the official Star Wars YouTube channel released a half-minute-long clip from the upcoming Disney+ series The Acolyte, titled “Awake.” Today, they released an even shorter trailer entitled “It’s Coming.” Additionally, Bespin Bulletin has revealed the runtimes for the series’ first four episodes. Check out “Awake” here:

And “It’s Coming”:

The Acolyte’s first four episodes have the following runtimes, courtesy of Bespin Bulletin:

Episode 1: 41 minutes

Episode 2: 36 minutes

Episode 3: 42 minutes

Episode 4: 32 minutes

“Awake” is a lot of the same thing we’ve been getting out of these clips. Amandla Stenberg’s character “didn’t do it,” and Lee Jung-jae as Sol is badass. That shark helmet is still silly and too much like Kylo Ren’s mask. I’m not totally opposed to The Acolyte; I’m going to watch it starting this Tuesday and give it a fair shake. But I have reservations that have only gotten worse with time. I genuinely thought people were being harsh back when it was about being “female-centric,” but now it seems anti-Jedi and possibly anti-Star Wars. I won’t say anything definitively until I’ve seen the show, but those are my concerns. I don’t feel strongly about the runtimes; they’re just like what we got with The Mandalorian and Ahsoka. I do wish they would take full advantage of the streaming format and get more creative with runtimes and presentation, but I don’t think they are going to, outside of one-offs and smaller things like the Lego specials and Tales of the Jedi/Empire. “It’s Coming” is only seventeen seconds long and seems to exist purely to remind you the show is coming. From what I could tell, there was no new footage, and it had no impact on me whatsoever.

But what do you think? Did you like the clips? What do you think of the runtimes? Are you even going to watch The Acolyte? Sound off in the comments!

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June 2, 2024 at 1:46 am

I might scroll thru it, but nothing, and I mean nothing, that I have seen makes me want to watch it. There were only a couple things in The Mandalorian I liked, like when he shoved the guy into carbonite, or The Ringworld shot.
Seeing the Acolyte actor, I’d rather they hand SW over to Koreans or Japanese and see what they can do with it.
Also, time and again, I’ve suggested that SW hire Drew Karpyshyn in some capacity.
So far, I don’t like the clips. The run times are very short, which is probably for the best. I actually appreciate the shorter run times, but what that tells me is they have no dialogue and story to really work with.
They keep trying, and I appreciate them for that. They have tried so many things to keep it going. Also, while I agree with a lot of the critics, one thing I’ll say is that they really did have to move on from the original cast. Aging sucks, but time is short and it’s time to move on. Better fans than myself suggested some EU books that they would’ve like to have been adapted.

June 2, 2024 at 1:53 am

One thing Alan from Film Threat said is that George Lucas did admit that SW is now Disney’s, so they can do what they want with it, despite what the fans want or say. I really thought that Star Wars deserved better, like, you would think the mission would be to scour the earth for the best stories and writers and directors in an attempt to produce the best result. Instead, we just get what we get from the privileged nepo people who almost seem to experience schadenfreude at squatting on this IP and hindering it.

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