The Acolyte Clip “Conflict” is a Rehash

Now that's a clip I haven't seen in...about five days...

Today, the official Star Wars YouTube channel dropped one of their now never-ending stream of 30-second clips, this one for The Acolyte. Does this means of marketing their shows annoy anyone else? I don’t need a 30-second non-trailer twice a week. Anyway, this one is just reused material from the combat scene that played in theaters with The Phantom Menace last week. There’s just less to this clip, and it’s all spliced together. You can check it out here (if you even want to): 

What is the point of this? I thought the longer, unedited scene was supposed to entice people to go see The Phantom Menace. Why show most of the action to everyone less than a week later? I get that they cut it down some, mainly removing Mae (Amandla Stenberg) murdering the people in the cantina to get Master Indara’s (Carrie-Anne Moss) attention. Instead, here, we mostly just see the two women going at it. I don’t have much to say since I already did a breakdown of the entire scene, but I think it looks dumb. All the flying around makes prequel physics look realistic. I’m not asking Star Wars to be realistic, mind you; I don’t want that. But this looks bad, not just silly. The context in the extended scene makes it worse. Mae might not be a “good” person, but she is the show’s protagonist; we’re supposed to like and sympathize with her, at least to an extent. Showing her mowing down randos in a bar right out of the gate isn’t doing it for me. 

But what about you? Did you see the whole scene in theaters, and what did you think of it and/or this clip? Let us know in the comments!

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