The Beekeeper Trailer is Classic Statham

2024 is starting off the right way, with what looks like a hard-hitting Jason Statham action movie, as today, MGM released a trailer for The Beekeeper. Statham stars as a mysterious loner named Mr. Clay, whose kindly old neighbor commits suicide after falling for a phishing scam that cleans out her savings. Mr. Clay seeks revenge against the online thieves who destroyed her, but stumbles onto something a lot bigger than a simple junk mail scheme. Fortunately, he’s a former “Beekeeper,” an elite Special Forces operative, and the armies of bad guys in his way aren’t prepared for what’s coming. Phylicia Rashad, Minnie Driver, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Josh Hutcherson, Bobby Naderi, and Jeremy Irons(!) fill out the supporting cast. Directed by David Ayer and written by Kurt Wimmer, The Beekeeper will arrive in theaters on January 12. 2024, and you can see the red-band (not safe for work) trailer below:

If you’ve read pretty much anything I’ve ever written, my excitement for this should come as no surprise. The Beekeeper looks amazing; this is exactly the kind of movie I want from Statham. Watching someone like him destroy some of the most hated people on the planet is too tantalizing to miss, but I like how it evolves from just some online scammers to whatever the real masterminds are up to, with Statham taking on armies of foot soldiers. And Jeremy Irons is the main bad guy! Jason Statham is going up against Simon Gruber. Also, I had no idea that was Phylicia Rashad until I read through the cast later; I guess she hasn’t done much since the few series she was in with Bill Cosby. (Apparently, she was in the Creed movies, which I never saw, and I completely forgot she was in Jean-Claude Van Johnson.) It’s hard to tell based on a trailer, but the action looks like it was filmed well; David Ayer’s made some really good movies, and Kurt Wimmer has written some as well. (Their previous collaboration, Street Kings, is an underrated gem, a gritty crime movie with Keanu Reeves kicking ass before he was John Wick.) They had me at “Statham,” but even beyond that, The Beekeeper looks fantastic.

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