The Bonus Interview: Mozza

It took one botched interview, one missed redo interview, and an intervention with the help of Lethal Lightning to finally sit Mozza down and chat with him for a second interview.

What a sentence.

Warning: Mozza is Australian. This interview contains very foul language.

BC: What do you watch on YouTube?

M: ARK Survival right now. Videos trashing everything because nothing is good right now, except Chainsaw Man. Ohh, Chainsaw Man is good.

BC: If you were to get me something on your bakery run, what would it be?

M: Probably a croissant.

BC: That’s so boring! Out of everything!

M: Why, do you want a pie?

BC: Yeah, sure! I don’t like croissants. They are too flaky.

M: Well, get a fucking better opinion.

BC: If you could bring any character with you on an adventure, who would you bring?

M: Edward Richtofen, from COD Zombies. Because he is crazy as fuck, and you wouldn’t know what he’s gonna fucking do. Yeah. He’s crazy. He’s just a crazy cunt.

BC: Do you like to collect? If so, what? Do you have a main focus?

M: Not right now, but I used to collect football cards, like NRL. And Yu-Gi-Oh! cards as well. I used to be pretty big with Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.

BC: What kinds of video games do you like most?

M: First-person shooters, but tied with survival games, like ARK: Survival Evolved and Seven Days To Die. But COD is my absolute favorite. COD Zombies is my favorite game mode in the world.

BC: Favorite childhood video game?


BC: Favorite video game now?

M: *Ponders and looks to the ceiling for answers* Ah, fuck.  Fuck! Okay um… I’ve actually got a couple. It would be Warzone 2.0 if it didn’t fucking crash. But, umm, shit. God of War: Ragnarok was a bit disappointing, but it was still an 8 out of 10. So, right now, Ragnarok.

BC: How did you meet Lethal and Lyndon?

M: Lyndon did this football stream, and I was roasting him because he was watching football by himself, and Liquid Blake was in the chat, and it was just us! So we were calling him a dickhead for watching it! Then Lyndon mentioned some Full Aussie stream, and I was like, “Ooo, okay.” So, I went in that chat, and then I harassed Lyndon again. And Lethal was like, “Yeah, I like Mozza, him, he is roasting Lyndon.” And, yeah.

BC: Your friendship just blossomed from roasting people.

M: Yeah. Literally. How else, honestly?

BC: Why don’t you clean your room?

M: I do! I just did, just before this!

BC: Only because I made you!

M: Alright, yeah, that is true.

BC: How do you manage to lose your shoes?

M:  I have dogshit memory, so I’ll put something down, and then I’ll walk away. *snaps fingers* And then I just forget I put it there!

M: But how do you lose your shoes?!

M: Cuz I put them somewhere where they are not meant to be, and then I forget that I put them there! Like, in my head, I’ll be like, “Oh, I’ll only put them there for a few seconds.” But then a few seconds turn into a few days, and a few days turn into a few months. A few months turn into years… yeah. It’s not good.

BC: Are you, like, Benjamin Button or something?

M: I don’t know who the fuck you just said.

BC: Uh… okay. If you were trapped on a deserted island, who would you want to be trapped with?

M: Ummmm shit. Uhhhhhhh. Fuck. I don’t know. Who? On an island…

BC: You’re like an owl. “Who?”

M: More owls. More owls, please. Shit. Bear Grylls.

BC: Because he will just eat anything and everything, and you can be just, like, “Cool, I can survive off of that, too!”

M: Yeah, and then I can learn. And then we can get off [the island] and bash Lethal.

BC: Oh. Okay. That works. What is your favorite cartoon?

M: Avatar: The Last Airbender. Fuck every single Legend of Korra fan. They are absolutely disgusting. I fucking hate Legend of Korra. Lilo and Stitch is hella fucking lit.

BC: Anything you would like to say to your viewers and followers?

M: Been fun shit-talking. A lot of shit-talking. This whole year has been shit-talking! YellowFlash is a dodging shit cunt. So, if you see him, roast the fuck out of him. This year has been crazy; I did not expect it to be that crazy, honestly. At the beginning of the year, we were just talking about how crazy it was going to be for gaming, and it ended up being massive! We were streaming every day, and then we started Gronking On Dogs, and then all the memes! I made Americans turn into Australians! They say “eshay” now. It’s been awesome.

Speed Round – Short Answers Only!

BC: Favorite film?

M: Favorite film! Shit… shit. Oh, fuck.

BC: So much for “speed round.”

M: Harry Potter 3. It gives me chills every time. I watch it once a year.

BC: DC or Marvel?

M: DC. I grew up watching the DC cartoons.

BC:  Favorite color?

M: Green.

BC: Celebrity crush?

M: I never thought about it. *ponders for a minute* I don’t think I have one!

BC: Lethal, Lyndon, or Ryno?

M: Lethal, because Lyndon is a fish, and Ryno… because I don’t want to watch Star Wars.

BC: Lightsaber color?

M: Purple, because of Samuel L. Jackson.

BC: What is your go-to snack? Nippies?

M: That’s a drink! Fucking hell, Blabs. I don’t know. Pizza shapes. I’d sell my sister for them, honestly.

BC: Hogwarts house?

M: *Mispronounces Slytherin for five minutes and proclaims that he hates me* Slytherin.

BC: What is your ringtone?

M: My ringtone is Radi saying, “Shut mouth, cunt.”

BC: No way. Is it actually?

M: Yeah! She sent it to me on my birthday.

BC: Aww, bless you, Radi. How big is your trampoline?

M: Oh, fuck. Actually, about 2 meters [6.56 feet] in length.

Questions from Lethal:

Lethal: What are your content goals?

Mozza:*Shakes head* I have no idea. I need to think about it because I don’t even know what I want to do!

BC: Mozza, you have so much potential; you have no idea!

M: Yelling. I just wanna yell at cunts. I just wanna yell at cunts; that’s legitimately it. Just yelling at cunts. Jeremy. YellowFlash. EpicMike. That dickhead… I forget his name! Some dickhead going on about how Avatar: The Last Airbender is dogshit. I just wanna yell at people, yeah.

BC: Lethal says you stink.

M: Well, he’s a fuckwit.

A Question From Biggles: 

Biggles: Are you worse at math or reading?

M: Reading. I’m actually pretty decent at maths.

BC: 7 times 7?

M: 49.

BC: 9 times 9.

M: Ah, 81!

BC: *Impressed face* What is 99 minus 100?

M: One. Wait. Minus fucking one.

BC: See! You finally answered it!

Questions From Radi

Radi: What is your most memorable streaming moment?


That one comes to mind. But also, in BR in Apex, I missed the entire map! It was on ranked, too; we lost so many points.


Another one would be when Radi tricked me! Radi told me that if you jump into lava. you get extra armor, and I believed her!

R: If you could only 1v1 one person, who would it be and in which game?


R: What are your top five places you’d like to travel to?

M: I actually don’t really like traveling that much.

BC: Are you a hermit?

M: I’m not a hermit, but in terms of going out of the country, I dunno if I want to! I wouldn’t mind going to an Origin game in NRL. That’s a big thing in Australia. That’s like the Super Bowl for us. There are a lot of cool statues in Western Australia, like Red Dog Statue, that would be pretty cool too.

R: What is your favorite song?

M: Uhhhhhhh, I’m definitely not going into my Spotify right now to see what I listen to. I don’t really care about music that much. I don’t have one.

R: What is a typical day like for you?

M: I wake up, eat, uhhh, see what streams are happening, help family with stuff, bit of work, then stream myself!

R: Most embarrassing moment?

M: Probably when I misread my own name. That’s another memorable stream. I ruined a bunch of other streams! Others were streaming at the same time we were, and they heard about my mistake, and they all came to our stream. Because they didn’t believe it happened!

R: When is Mozza vs. Cowman 3?

M: I have no idea because Cowman is a dodging bitch!

BC: Well, why don’t we try that on Battlefront II?

M: No, it has to be on Halo!

Questions From Mara:

Mara: When you’re not scaring old women at your bakery, what do you like doing in your spare time?

Mozza: Gaming. Or watching streams.

Mara: Question – what’s the first thing you’re gonna do once you hit puberty?

Mozza: Shut the fuck up, Mara. Shut the fuck up!


Questions from A2D2:

A2D2: How’d you find this community?


A2D2: Why are you always bullying A2?

M: I don’t even bully A2; she is the one who sends me hamster emotes.

BC: I feel like you’re lying.

M: You’re lying! Blabs is the…*thinks*… third biggest liar I know.

BC: Who are the first two? Santa Claus? The Tooth Fairy?

M: Lethal and Ryno.

Questions from Twitter:

Twitter: Do you, or do you not, not live in a bin?

M: I do not live in a bin.

T: Since you are afraid of soap, what do you use to smell good for men?

M: Shut the fuck up. First of all, I do use soap. Cologne, deodorant. Things chat seem to not fucking know. I don’t think chat knows what the fuck cologne is because they all fucking stink.

T: When will you 1 v 1 Arkasule?

M: When he gets good and is worth my time.

T: Ryno wants to know if you know the reference to “I can do this all day.”

M: Ummm, yeah, that’s from the ummm… the friggin… um, shit. Uhhh, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. That one! Captain Carter says it!

BC: What?

M: Yeah, Captain Carter says it.

BC: Have you ever heard of  Captain America? Steve Rogers?

M: Yeah. But he’s shit.

BC: What?

M: *Laughs* Yeah, I know it’s from Captain America; I just wanted to piss you off.

Thank you for your time, Mozza! You can find Mozza on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch!

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