The Great Spacey Debate And Gay Star Wars – Nerdrotic and the Drinker Return to Piers Morgan

The Critical Drinker and Nerdrotic Make Their Rounds Once Again on Piers Morgan: Uncensored

Our boys are hitting the big time once again, making their rounds on the mainstream. Gary (Nerdrotic) and The Critical Drinker appeared on the most recent episode of Piers Morgan: Uncensored, this time discussing a well-known actor of old. No, it’s not Will Smith, though he was mentioned. Joking aside, the subject is, as the title here suggests, Kevin Spacey. A few days ago, the actor was on Piers’ show and gave what appeared to be a heartfelt, emotional interview about the state of his affairs after many lawsuits against his untoward behavior, to which he admitted.  The other panelists included the usual contributor, Esther Krakue, author Ernest Owens, and comedian James Barr. 

The debate began with a simple, blunt question to Barr: Did you believe Kevin Spacey? His reply was long-winded and strayed off topic a tad, but overall, it appeared he thinks the man guilty of some of the allegations, though, in the end, Spacey was found not guilty of the alleged crimes in the court of law. This led to the other question should Spacey remain “canceled”? In the court of public opinion, the actor has destroyed his reputation tenfold, and regardless of what his colleagues or others think, what taints him thoroughly in the eyes of the public is the mere mention of the infamous Jeffrey Epstein. It’s no shock nowadays when anyone hears of a controversy in Hollywood regarding the known sex offender, let alone just how deep that ick runs in Los Angeles. Esther described this as Spacey’s “Prince Andrew moment,” and in many ways, I myself must agree with that. 

Now, onto the topic of Will Smith, who was brought in as a comparison to how Hollywood treats its own. Smith, as we know, is now far more famous for “the slap heard around the world” than any of his films from his “golden years.” However, in this case, it’s easier for people to understand, as Drinker put it, the reason why Will Smith did what he did. It was a man standing up for his wife, who felt offended by a joke made at her expense. As the days went by, more and more information came out, and with Jada herself admitting to sleeping with one of her own son’s friends, the skeletons in the closet tumbled right on out. In the case of Spacey, while yes, both situations are not pleasant, to say the least, optically, what he has done is not easily forgiven by the public, even if the law claims he is blameless. 

However, the one question the entire panel found themselves in agreement on was the sincerity of Kevin Spacey’s “tears.” There is no doubt that the man is talented, and his performances of over three decades prove that, but for many people, it is hard to believe that actors are expressing their true feelings rather than putting on another show for the camera, and as the saying goes, old habits die hard. Moving back to Will Smith, with the recent success of his most recent film, it seems apparent that many have forgiven the man of his “crime” of slapping another actor. There are also scenes in Bad Boys: Ride or Die where Smith’s character is smacked in the face, which he leaned into as an actor. It’s small gestures like that that make it easier for people to forgive Will Smith in spite of his personal drama being leaked out to be scrutinized under the public eye. 

The final topic was Star Wars. Yes, with the currently airing show, The Acolyte, this franchise is the hot-button topic – but not for what anyone with brain cells would expect. The discussion opened with the infamous interview with Lesbian Headlamp – I mean Leslye Headland, and the main actress, Amandla Stenberg, cackling like a couple of witches about the interviewer’s question of this being “the gayest Star Wars ever.” Gary’s response was indeed profoundly true; Star Wars, a once male-geared brand that could be enjoyed by anyone, particularly with the main arch being the hero’s journey, is now reduced to a poor excuse of a story about a covenant of lesbian witches who create “Thread” babies. Of course, on the other side, Ernest and James argue against the failure in ratings of this show, while Drinker’s two videos acquired more views than all three episodes on the subject. With that said, Disney may continue down this road of Lesbian Interpretive Dinner Theatre, to quote Gary, all they want, but no one with good sense will give this mess a view. 

In conclusion, bringing it right back to the previous subject matter, four of the five panelist believe Mr. Spacey will not be seen in another film again. And that is the typical Hollywood way – sacrifice their own to save face; too bad many see right through the facade. 

Excellent debate with Gary and The Drinker; onwards and upwards, guys! If you wish to watch the full panel debate, please do so here: 

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June 16, 2024 at 4:30 am

Interesting that they brought up Jada Pinkett along with Spacey. The talk of Kevin though is that he was violent, abusive and sadistic, so that is far from Jada, as far as we know.
What’s wild is we’ve seen video of Diddy and Hunter doing the same thing, dragging women thru hotel hallways. It’s nuts. Makes you almost think it’s normal behavior.

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