The Owl House Season 3 (Finally) Gets a Release Date!

Today, creator Dana Terrace confirmed that The Owl House returns on Saturday, October 15th. Terrace posted the announcement on her personal Twitter account, and it was also shared by the Disney Channel Twitter account. Season 3 will consist of three specials, which are supposed to be around 40 minutes each. Check out Terrace’s Tweet here:

Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch commented on the post with a series of emojis, possibly to hint at what’s to come. Hirsch has worked on The Owl House and voices Hooty and King. He and Terrace also dated for a time.

It’s so good to see that Hirsch and Terrace still have a good professional relationship despite their recent breakup. I try not to think about famous/industry relationships, but this reminds me of Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter because these two seemed perfect for each other. Regardless, I can’t wait for these specials! I wish we were getting a full season, as was initially planned, but I eagerly await the specials nonetheless. The characters in the season 3 poster seem to be closer to their original designs, which is cool to see in canon. I find it criminal that, on top of shortening the show so drastically, Disney couldn’t even be bothered to announce season 3’s release date at D23. They announced baby shows like Young Jedi Adventures while holding back a major release date people have impatiently waited months for online.

What do you think of the poster? Are you looking forward to the season 3 Owl House specials? Talk to us in the comments!

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