14 Trillion for Reparations


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      The founder of BET wants $14 trillion for reparations.

      I suggest he go collect it from Africa or the 3,000 black Americans who owned slaves.  I refuse to pay reparations.  If they pay reparations, it will start a civil war.




      Robert “Bobcat” Johnson can go suck it.


      First of all, we can never take anyone seriously who named his own pro basketball team after himself.


      Second, my family, both sides, came here in the early 1900’s from Italy and Russia. By fact of that alone, my lineage has no connection whatsoever to colonial and early US history slavery. Why should my taxes be used in this manner?


      Third, if we’re going down this route, how about Germany give me reparations for all the Jews killed in WWII? How about the US give me reparations for all the incidents of anti semitism through out its history?

      You know why not? Because it’s bullshit to first of all ask for reparations, but second it’s fucking stupid to demand money from entire populations who probably have nothing to do with whatever SJW slight someone thinks is so damned important.


      Bobcat the billionaire needs to be the first to put his money where his mouth is…oh wait…he’s black…we’re supposed to give him more money for reparations.


      Fuck off, Bobcat.


        try it. I will sue as my family did not own slaves.


        It will be a cold day in HELL before I pay any money to this shake down!

        Mother fuckers!


        If that ever gets legit acknowledgement I’m going to be screaming for succession from the rafters! Let the bleeding heart self-loathing white leftists pay that scam…leave the rest of us out of it! We don’t owe you shit! The real leaders would understand that the real way forward isn’t reparations, its forgiveness. Forgiving those people in the past that wronged their families and forgiving themselves for basking in hatred for so long over something that can never be corrected by tangible means.


        Also from The Netherlands since they were the ones who sold the idea of African slaves to replace the demand of free labor for the colonies via King George III. Also, from the UK now.


        The operation of the West Africa Squadron was all the reparation the UK ever needed to give and more. The same with all those Union soldiers who died in the US civil war.

        As I see it in the US:
        The Democrats owned slaves.

        The Democrats went to war to defend slavery.

        The Democrats founded a terrorist group to keep part of the war going when they lost.

        The Democrats introduced Jim Crow laws.

        The Democrats tried to block the civil rights laws of the 1960s.

        Now the Democrats want everyone else to pay for what they did.


        Screw that bastard!


        See? All they want is free stuff but not work for wealth.

        No wonder many are stuck in poor neighborhoods.


        I refuse to pay for reparations that the DNC refused to pay after the civil war.

        Reparations that they are now calling for 160 years alter so they can force republicans to pay for their plantation state.


        I wouldn’t worry about it, he is just using this as an opportune time to pull this none-sense, what about his billions of dollars he has made? Also, my ancestors were the original slaves “Irish Slaves” to the English Empire, start in and around 1615 and well into the 17th century, in bringing prisoners to the new world, claiming they were indentured servants, when in fact they were slaves. More revisionist of history, it was even outlawed for Irish and black slaves to bred, because it reduced the worth of a black slave with an Irish slave. This is all known history, that NO one talks about nor wants to talk about.



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