2 wrongs don’t make a right

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    This video I saw on Youtube through suggestions really really disgusts me and after you guys watch the link I will explain why I am disgusted by it:

    If you had seen this video, I shall now explain why I hate this video so much. First off Larry though fictional is completely innocent in this whole video and I have no quarrel with him and feel he deserved none of the shit he went through with that asshole in the video even though all the events in the video were fictional.

    What I do have a quarrel with in this video are both the employee that took the picture of Larry then treated him like crap and posted Larry’s picture on social media calling Larry a loser and the employer of the employee who fired his employee after seeing what the guy did on his social media on his own time.

    First off with the asshole employee, where does this jerk get the idea that he can go into a public place like the restaurant that Larry worked at and treat this poor guy like that?

    What that employee did to Larry at the restaurant is borderline harassment in my own opinion. The employee took Larry’s picture without Larry’s permission and posted it to social media with the caption that Larry was a loser…also without Larry’s permission.

    That asshole by doing that to Larry, violated Larry’s right to privacy in his own life  and that caption put under Larry’s picture was complete slander or even a character assassination that could grab Larry all kinds of unwanted attention from all kinds of creeps and even criminals in real life that would go after him and even kill him depending on their mental state when seeing that online post.

    Not everyone is on social media believe it or not?

    Not everyone wants attention from strangers they don’t know on the street talking about them and they don’t know these strangers or why these strangers are talking about them?

    So by posting a picture of Larry like that without Larry’s permission that asshole caused a security breach issue in Larry’s life.

    Larry should in my opinion have the legal right to sue the employee for both taking a picture of him and posting images of him on social media with untrue captions without his permission for violating Larry’s right to a private life and slander or character assassination of him.

    And now onto the employee’s boss who is in the wrong for looking at what his employee was doing in his free time on social media then firing him over it.

    First off employers don’t own their employees….they employ them meaning their employees aren’t their legal property to do with as they wish whenever they want to which includes their off time from work.

    Their employees take money from their employer to do hired services for the employer…..during the time period that the employer has them in the company building or company online site.

    What the employee does during their off time not in the company building or company online site nor using a company issued social media account, in my opinion is none of the employer’s business nor should the employer have the right to check in on what their employee is doing in their private life off work time.

    It is a breach of freedom of an individual in a free society for their employer being able to spy on them off work time then fire the person what they do when not in the company grounds.

    Employees aren’t slaves and employers shouldn’t think of themselves as slave masters who can control every aspect of their employee’s life even their employee’s personal life even online that includes their own social media account that isn’t company property but property of their employee.

    This makes me think of the Hartley Sawyer (the guy who played Elastic Man on the CW Flash show) situation where the CW fired him after finding offensive posts he put up ten years ago on his own personal social media before he even worked for them.

    Hartley Sawyer at the time doing it didn’t know he would one day be working for the CW back 10 years ago when he made the offensive comments. No one knows what will happen to them in 10 years and that includes Hartley Sawyer and by the CW firing him like that over those 10 year old posts he made….they are trying to say we own you Hartley Sawyer which includes your past.

    Employers shouldn’t hire any employee for their past they should be hiring their employee for their present in that what that employee will do for them today cause they hired that version of the employee for today and not their past self.

    Their employee’s past is the privacy of that employee and only that employee not the fucking employer because you as their employer did not make them like you are some kind of God of creation…….you are their employer who pays them for what they bring to your company for certain hours in the day you have them and that is all.

    I am so sick and so tired of employers who have the arrogance and superiority complex that they have complete and utter power over their employees including their individual lives outside the office.

    If an employer can’t go to their employee’s house during off hours and ask that person to serve them dinner then in my opinion………an employer shouldn’t have a right to see what the employee does in his or her own time online then fire them over it no matter what it is.

    In my opinion the only time an employer should have the right to fire an employee for what they did in their personal life it should be if the employee actually committed a real crime like murder, rape or anything like that during off hours which includes a very very heavy police involvement that after a fair trial with logical and tangible evidence was presented to the court showing that the employee is indeed 100% guilty….then the employer can fire that man or woman from their company for what they did in their off hours.

    If an employer hires an employee, they hire that person to work for them on site and only on site nothing beyond like their home life as most people separate home and work life for a reason which is privacy and employers should respect this privacy instead of playing wannabe dictator.

    Would the employer want their employee to see what they do in their free time which I can bet would be filled with just as many if not more micro aggressions than their own employee and would they want their employee to use these things they found out about their employer to blackmail them to give them a raise?

    I don’t think that is right either and I think both employers and employees shouldn’t be able to look at what the other is doing in their off times to avoid bias in the work relationship.

    How I think this video really should have ended was that Larry sued the employee who shot the picture of him then posted the picture up online with that mean caption without his permission then presented everything that happened to him in court of law then when the verdict was reached that the guy who took the picture of Larry was guilty….and the employer of the guy who took the picture of Larry found out…..the guy who took the picture is legally then fired.

    This way justice is processed logically with tangible evidence and a fair court hearing is done and the employer can fire his employee without getting sued themselves for violating their employee’s privacy and free speech rights because the employer was told by real local authorities that their employee actually is 100% guilty for committing a real crime.

    What do you guys think?





















      Where to start???

      Yup there are Dicks in this world. Now on to your problems.

      When you are out in PUBLIC or where you can easily be seen and have your picture taken, you very likely will. Honestly the minute you step outside your house you are probably on someones security system. Driving down the road (go-pro, car video systems, security cameras, Traffic Camers) Name it you are being watched.

      Todd took his picture in a “Public Establishment” Dick move sure but legal and then posting it to Social Media Dick move, BUT LEGAL, FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Could a social media company take it down? Yes.  But he had the right to, also has the privileged of suffering any consequence for his action.

      Which now brings me to those consequences, Did his boss and other employers have the right to Fire or Not Hire him. You Fucking better believe it. But not for the reason listed in the video….. Company Policy stops when you are off the clock, be it lunch or before and after working hours (unless you are in the Military) So firing him for Bullying could actually result in a wrongful termination suit and a smart employer would not use that as the reason.

      The proper reason is: Todd I am going to have to let you go, That picture you took of Larry has our clients calling us in anger and some removing their business from us which harms my company and other employee’s some if it gets to bad I will have to let go. So turn in your company property and leave, these officers are here to escort you off the property.

      You harm the company’s ability to make money and you damn sure will get fired. I have done it and in all the years NEVER lost a case in court for it. Though a company does not “own you” they do have a financial responsibility to the Company, Investors, Share Holders, Employee;s and their families, anything that affects the bottom line negatively should be removed, replaced or altered.

      Yes you have Civil Liberties, you also have the right to have the consequences for acting upon them. Almost any company out there now is looking at social media and has staff who’s job is to actually watch their employee’s social media and look in to new applicants online activity. If its public domain bet you are being watched and bet you will be held accountable for your actions.



      Well I think it is wrong to use social media to spy on your employees and fire them for what they do online when not at the company. Everyone has a right to make money no matter what they say online or offline as long as it isn’t a direct threat of violence towards someone or anything bad like that.

      To quote Captain America in Winter Solider “I believe the punishment comes after the crime”

      It is just petty for the company to be involved in an affair that should be between Todd and Larry. No one’s job should be tied to anything like this, I think companies should stay neutral in things like this unless the police get involved just my opinion.

      I guarantee that everyone says something bad that is considered a micro aggression either online or offline, and I can also guarantee that no one can ever truly live up to this stupid standard of perfection that these greedy companies demand their employees have so that they can look good and make money. I truly hate stupid public image nonsense as someone who has Aspergers and struggles with a public image regularly.

      I am an imperfect Human who makes mistakes not a fucking brand to be sold to anyone.

      These companies keep this up and one day they’ll find they won’t be able to hire anyone because they’ll realize that everyone makes mistakes and is Human even these asshole employers who probably have more skeletons in their closet than any of their employees they hire or spy on then hire. No one gets to their positions of power without doing a few awful things here and there that could be captured online also and be used against them later too.

      Employers should really really think carefully on the things use on their potential employees could be used back against them one day and no amount of money can ever pay off Karma when she gets your scent.


        Although the scene of Todd getting fired does come off as SJW, keep in mind that there’s a very fine line between firing someone for being an a-hole and cancel culture

        Todd’s firing wasn’t cancel culture, he wasn’t fired for having an opinion, but for proving he’s a dick, so if the employer sees him being a dick social media, and this isn’t something from 10 years ago where we can assume he’s matured, then the employer has no reason to believe he won’t also be a dick in the workplace to co-workers and customers

        Also keep in mind that employees sign contracts when getting employed, so if Todd had in his contract that he had to uphold a certain public image, then posting what he did all over social media is a breach of contract, now if he had stopped at being a dick to Larry without posting it, that’s his private life and not a breach of contract


          A companies primary duty is to make money to put it bluntly.

          If an employee’s actions harm a companies ability to do so, they have the “Responsibility” to terminate that person. As a Businessman I have fired people for their actions that reflected negatively on the company.

          You bring up this quote “I believe the punishment comes after the crime”. It did! Todd did the action/crime, and is now punished for it. The video was clear about that.

          As an employer you are responsible to:
          1. The Company to make a Profit and grow
          2. Investors
          3. Share Holders
          4. Other Employee’s
          5. Other Employee’s family
          6. Your Clients
          7. Your potential clients
          8. The General Public

          Now lets look at Todd, and what he did:

          Todd Identified himself and where he worked. This by itself is reason for termination as he did so as a representative of the Company.  Now lets look at the next thing, A fellow employee brought his actions to the employer, and it apparently they said “in the video it was against company bullying practice” This is part of the primary cause (He Bullied someone while identified as a member of the company).
          The employer had what is known as “WITH CAUSE” to terminate Todd.

          Let’s take it to a hypothetical and say, Todd Did all the above but a fellow employee did not bring it to the owner. Say the owner gets a call from an Investor who has seen this post go “Viral” and then another investor, a few share holders add in some clients and a couple other business’s who are now getting calls from angry customers that they are associated with TODD’S company.

          Todd’s action has now cost the company investors as they are furious, he has angered the share-holders who are going to call for managers jobs if action is not taken, he has cost the company negative-pr which detracts from potential revenue. Costing a company Money and cash-flow can now cause lay-offs which affects other employee’s it also effects their families.

          You understand Free Speech ONLY applies to Government don’t you?

          Todds actions have hurt many people possibly hundreds or more, because now that list I gave you above goes on to:
          A. The suppliers for that company
          B. Its Vendors
          C. The transportation companies
          D. In the case of a very large company, the local economy and the schools that get tax revenue.

          This is not a SJW thing, but one The Large portion of the Population would find offensive “Todd’s Actions” and like it or not, the world we live in people are free to do stupid things, but their is consequences for the actions.

          I’ll go even further, Now Todd’s co-workers know what he is for sure if they didn’t, do you want to work with a Todd? It makes the workplace much more difficult and unfriendly, Back to the Employers responsibility to the Staff.

          I know you have never been in that position, where you have to terminate a person. I have, many times, I just want you to think for a minute that there are MANY MANY factor’s an employer or company must look at.

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