80s Wonder Woman and Women

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    I don’t know if to put this in movies or in the general discussion because it deals with 80’s culture.  Anyhow.  I saw the new Wonder Woman comic cover.  I grew up in the 80s and anyone who went to high school in the 80s and college in the early 90s knows that was an incredible time.  If you lived back then, you completely know how messed up America is today.  Since 9/11, it has been night and day in America.  The younger people under 30 really don’t have a clue how good America can actually be.

    Anyhow.  Here is reality vs this woke trash that they did for the comic:

    Off The Grid Collage Desktop Wallpaper (2)


    Marvel comics…Hey lets piss of all our customers and make She Hulk look like a bull dyke…..DC comics hold my beer.


    Give me the name of the girl that belong in the 80s


    1)  Dana Delaney

    2)  Christina Applegate

    3) Samantha Fox


    1)  Dana Delaney

    2)  Christina Applegate

    3) Samantha Fox

    Think I double posted this.


    I just have one question… is that 1984 wonder woman going to twerk? Maybe that’s her superpower, she defeats her white enemies by twerking.


    I thought it was that once enemies see her coming, they flee with revulsion.


    WTF is that Wonder Woman knock off?!?

    C’mon, even covered up she can still look like a hot woman

    wonder woman 84 (s) wonder woman 3 wonder-woman

    As for the comics, wearing “skimpy” cloaths doesn’t automaticly make you sexualized!

    1949-wonder-woman-208x300 wonder woman comic wonder-woman-jim-lee


    WTF is that Wonder Woman knock off?!?

    Well, that post only came up… 1 year late 😂

    Thanks G+G for fixing the bug that marked post with lots of links and pics as spam


    samantha fox could get all my bbc on black history month….


    And now they are pushing this:


    What complete and utter garbage!


    I want to build a time machine and maybe go back to the 1980s just to hangout there for a bit then…….stop the SJW thing in the past from ever getting to this point. I wonder would I end up doing something good if I somehow stopped wokeness before it could start in the 1980s or would I cause current 2021 to become…..Flashpoint Paradox or so ething crazy like that then I would have to go back and stop myself before I altered what I altered in the 1980s?


    Yeah, @Megazord_Jeremy, i think that’d just create a split timeline like what happened in Endgame when Loki got the tessaract



    So you’re telling me that if I went back in time and stopped wokeness in the 1980s…I’ll create a split timeline and….I could…..end up meeting my alternate self who’d look like me but he’ll speak with an Australian accent, have 6 pack abs but also be taller than me who carries a hammer and tells me “Alright mate, we need to go save the multiverse now Megazord Jeremy of Earth 895543.”

    And then the two of us will keep encountering alternate universe versions of me and one of them will look like me but wears a trench coat along with pork pie hat from the 1930s and look like he was from a black and white old movie that sounds exactly like Nicholas Cage then me along with all the different versions of Megazord Jeremy will have to save the multiverse from some crazed mad man bent on destroying it that I find is….me but an SJW version of me with blue hair?

    Then I meet this alternate version of me who is filthy rich has a hot wife then I knock out that version of me and take his place along with stealing his wife and money from him? Lol 😂😀



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