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    We need a cartoon section cause I felt like right now, the only thing that I can post is an anime show to suggest. Plus, people need to know the difference between what is an anime and what is a cartoon.


    Yes i want it



    That way we can all talk about how the Hunter Elmer Fudd can no longer have a hunting rifle during “Rabbit Season/Duck Season”.

    Or how Yosemite Sam can no longer have guns or being a redhead.


    I want It


    Yes Cartoon Section.


    Johnny Bravo would be canceled within 1 hour in 2020.


    Aren’t they censoring Road Runner and Wiley Coyate? I’ve got to the point were I’ve switched off from the cancel culture https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL_yeEog6Wo

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    We have a “Television” section, if people want to discuss Western animation.

    I’m not against people wanting cartoons to have their own section, just pointing that out. Maybe the site staff will consider it if they think it’ll get a significant number of topics to warrant it.


    They had a decade ago, where they could not show Wile E Coyote hitting the ground from a height.

    So watching any of those episode were disjointed, and the music cut.

    It was horrible.

    Hince why so many people are trying to get physical copies of the un-edited films, cartoons, tv shows, etc. before they get destroyed by the weak minded.


    Yet it is now officially canon that Bugs Bunny is a struggling rapist. Want to know more? Search it: Bugs Bunny is a struggling rapist

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    Manga and anime have there own section why not cartoon


    I’m not the one to ask that. You’d have to petition the site staff.

    I already clarified I’m not against cartoons having their own section. I’m just saying if there’s a specific cartoon you’d like to discuss, “Television” is best suitable place for now until the site staff do decide to have a Cartoon section.


    Yes but point is if anime and manga have own section was can not western cartoon


    We can talk about the best Cartoon in the cartoon  section.

    We can talk about your favorite cartoons are.

    We could talk about the cartoon we do not like.

    A lot people love to talk about cartoon.



    We could talk about a lot cartoons. One thing we could talk about the cartoons we watch as kids.


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