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    What do you get when you put Black Clover, Jujutsu Kaisen and Cobra Kai and throw them all into a blender you get “Fandomenacia” you see in the world of Fandomenacia Geeks and Gamers is the code name for America’s most dangerous black ops forces. There mission: to defend humanity from SJW’s On July 1st 1982 beasts known only as “SJW’s” attacked the world made up of some sort of tar like substance called “Soylood” a mix of soy lattes and blood their food source is human flesh and depending on the SJW most can not survive for 5 days without food and have advanced hearing, incredible regenerative abilities, amazing sight, and smell that can sense blood from 5 miles away. Now in the year 2020 only 15% of the population is born with super powers when teens turn 15 they are checked for super powers if they have super powers they are drafted into Fandomenacia an academy to train young teens to hunt and slay SJW’s the world of “Fandomenacia” has all of the same technology and memes as our world  unnamed (1)

    the animator that is helping me with this project is named Retro Ryno please show him some love as well


    This is what Kathleen Kennedy will look like in the seriesunnamed

    She has been around since the dawn of time itself this is her true form but she also has a human form that she uses when she comes to Earth to infect Star Wars with wokeness


    The protagonist of the series Ben wasn’t born with powers but rather cursed with one by a White Knight named “Typhos” Ben casual clothes

    Ben casual clothes

    Ben demon form

    Ben with his sword and two wings coming out of his back the wings are made from wokeness


    Soyboys in the world of Fandomenacia are men that have been corrupted by wokeness they are essentially cannon fodder for the woke armySoyboys

    What Soyboys will look like in Fandomenacia


    The highest ranking SJW Slayer’s are called “Pro-Slayers” there sort of like the Hashira from Demon Slayer or the Hokage from Naruto they are the highest ranking SJW Slayers and act as generals and captains to Slayers in training

    This is the Pro-Slayer ranking tier list


    S Class-Jeremy, Gina

    A Class-Anna, Ryan, Lethal Lightning, Josiah, Jessi Milestone

    B Class-Jay, Krista, Gary, Marc, X-Ray

    C Class-Doomcock, Uche, Jeff

    D Class-Merry Mayhem, Kelly


    D Class Pro-Slayers are capable of taking out hundreds of Slayers in Training so just imagine what an S Class Slayer can do


    I’d say for my OC’s or Original Characters that I created exclusively for Fandomenacia here’s who i’d pick for the “voice dream cast”

    Ben Withall-Bryce Papenbrook

    Alana Eldred-Luci Christian

    Dakota Davidson-Yuri Lowenthal

    Drake Bennet-Eric Vale

    Jordyn Charles-Jill Harris

    Andrea Morr-Laura Bailey




    Oh my god! Wait @DDayCobra actually likes my series!



    B class, hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm I’m good with that.


    Holy shit Drunk?! your here as well? Ok in the anime your powers are called “Plasma transfer” which allows you to transfer plasma energy into an object like your hat turning it into a razor sharp plasma disc similar to Krillin from Dragon Ball Z unnamed4d85a592de73771dcba7ff6eae6f5f0d


    You son of a gun. I’m in!


    I’m glad to see this forum blow up so much.


    As many of you may know Gina Carano has been fired from The Mandalorian in honor of this I decided to write her into Fandomenacia she doesn’t play much of a role until the “Volcano Island Training arc” which is essentially the end of season 1 of the anime Her powers are called “Tough Skin” inspired by her never backing down and never bending the knee she can turn her body into armor to protect herself it takes a lot of damage to put her down she’s even capable of casually bathing in lava like it’s nothing bnu5q7sntfm1xmt2205p4qynv76f7cs8vyvuizfmn9vzow6n40yh0q49zw0ewp5v


    This is great hahahaha





    If I were to pick the voice cast for the anime if it were y’know a real anime

    Matt Lanter- @DDayCobra

    Elizabeth Maxwell- @ThatStarWarsGirl

    Colleen Clinkenbeard- Jessi Milestone

    Kyle Hebert- @Drunk3po

    Khary Payton- Uche the Observant Lineman

    Chrstopher Wehkamp- @Josiahrises

    Chris Sabat- @RyanKinel

    Dave Trosko- Gary Buechler

    Liam O’Brian- Doomcock

    Johnny Yong Bosch- @MarctheCyborg

    Michelle Ruff- @XRayGirl

    Aaron Roberts- @AndrewRodriguez

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