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    Psychologist hired by Depp testifies about Heard’s health

    A forensic psychologist testified Tuesday that actor Amber Heard suffers from borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder…

    Which is?

    Borderline personality is a disease of instability, (psychologist Shannon Curry) said “driven by an underlying fear of abandonment.” She said people with the disorder “will make desperate attempts to prevent that from happening.”


    She also said that borderline personality disorder “seems to be a predictive factor for women who implement violence against their partner.” Depp has said he is the one who was a victim of domestic violence, and that Heard hit him on multiple occasions and threw items like paint cans and vodka bottles at him.


    Histrionic personality disorder, Curry said, is associated with “drama and shallowness,” and a need to be the center of attention.

    She said there’s a correlation in the disorder with people who are physically attractive and “utilize their looks to get that attention.”

    That is Amber 💩 to a T.

    Curry also testified that Heard does not suffer post-traumatic stress disorder from her relationship with Depp, as Heard has claimed.

    She just HATES Johnny Depp because he wanted to avoid confrontations (which HEARD needs).

    Remember, Amber as the abuser is claiming to be the victim, when she herself said this:

    And jurors heard an audio clip of a conversation between Depp and Heard in which she seems to taunt him and suggests he won’t be believed or respected if he were to publicly cast her as an abuser.

    “Tell them, I, Johnny Depp, I’m a victim of domestic abuse … and see how many people believe or side with you,” Heard says on the recording.

    Well, he is now doing just that, and suing you (ms. 💩) for defamation, and how your lies lead to Depp being fired and removed from projects he was on and how it has lead to his career being killed… all on your LIES!


    If only Johnny had listened to his friends when they told him to stay away from Amber as she is TROUBLE.  How true that has become.

    This one BAD woman has now made it all the more worse for those who have suffered from actual domestic violence (both females and males, spouses and children).

    They need to make an example of ms. 💩 and all the damage she has caused for actual survivors of domestic abuse.

    We now have to make serious questions on the none proven accusations.

    Is it all a bunch of lies to get back at the others, or is it real?

    This need to be a victim (even a false victim) is an illness that is taking away time and resources from REAL victims.




      I so do not care about this at all.  It’s 2 weird and messed up people that did weird and messed up sh!t to each other.  Being surprised it turned out like this is like being surprised you are wearing foam after you drop a pack of mentos into a bottle of coke.


      It shows that celebrities are NOT role models, and they are just as human as everyone else.


      She’s nuttier than a fruit cake. JD has his own issues but clearly he’s been “out-crazied” in this situation.



      This sounds like she’s getting desperate. Hope the judge throws the book at her. I’m no Depp fan but even I’ve never heard anything negative about him until this happened and even then I was sceptical. Men can get abused by women despite what the media keep trying to say otherwise. Sadly, with the stupid #MeToo nonsense going around it’s caused a lot of woman to think that they can get away with something like this and make up stories like this! Which is sad for the REAL female victims of domestic violence!


        I want to know where to get these Muffins and are the made with the same things my Brownies were made of back in the 80’s.


        Johnny Depp’s Salaries For ‘Fantastic Beasts’, ‘Murder On The Orient Express’ And More Revealed During Defamation Trial

        On the 2017 hit “Murder on the Orient Express”, for example, (the actor’s agent, Jack) Whigham testified that Depp had earned a payday of $10 million.

        For his role as the villain in J.K. Rowling’s “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”, Depp was paid $13.5 million. He was replaced by Mads Mikkelsen for the recent third entry in the franchise.

        Depp was paid $8 million for his role in 2018’s “City of Lies”, and took home only $1 million for 2019’s “Waiting for the Barbarians”.

        The actor also took a pay cut for the 2020 film “Minamata”, Whigham testified, earning $3 million for his role.

        Whigham also claimed that had “Pirates of the Caribbean 6” been made, Depp’s salary would have been a whopping $22.5 million.

        Those are definately NOT Robert Downey Jr payday levels (earned at least $75 million from Avengers: Endgame. Per Forbes base pay + share of profits)

        Or Chris Evans $15 Million per MCU film, or Chris Hemsworth’s $20 Million he currently enjoys.

        So the fact Depp is losing out so much on Pirates 6 because of the unproven accusations is great (and any future films too).  Let alone all the joy Depp brings to children when he visits hospitals to cheer them up dressed as Captain Sparrow.  Which I don’t think Disney will allow until Depp clears his name/reputation.


          The excuses people have these days for bad behavior is ludacris. FAR TOO many young people have some kind of “disorder” when a lot of it is just poor coping skills that weren’t taught by parents. They get cell phones at young ages, imo they should be allowed until at least 16,  and are mindwashed by garbage at school and or society “norms”. Our current society is partially the way it is because of POOR PARENTING!!!

          This Amber Heard stuff is just her making excuses and trying to get away with it. Period. It’s her trying to gain sympathy, and I have ZERO. There is no “disorder” that makes you shit on your husbands pillow. She is yet another prime example of the Hollywood bubble that don’t live in reality getting away with everything because of it.


            This is NOT  a criminal trial, it is a civil trial. No Convictions possible. If she looses she pays out  is all that happens. As to the child, ya i am not sure with her past reord she was even allowed to but that is for another court.



            100% agree, when I was growing up 70’s and 80’s we did not have all these excuses. What we had was a Belt, Sandal, Paddle, Green Willow switch. No need for diagnoses or pills and certainly no need for classifications in school or how many times they got to retest. The cure my generation had for bad behavior was 100% effective.

            Excuses were NOT tolerated, if you did wrong you got punished for it! You did it you knew it was wrong and by God you were going to learn actions or in-actions in some cases have consequences. I will never forget telling a neighbor once I would not pick up a wrapper I threw down… Spanked by him, taken to my mom spanked by her, when dad got home another one.  Guess what I have never done again?


            The problem is society has stopped holding people accountable for their actions, they look for an excuse to not have to confront someone for bad behavior. It needs to go back to how it was. I see people all the time who use a (diagnoses) as a crutch or excuse. When confronted they always say you just dont understand! Ya I do, you are using it for a crutch, there are many people with “it” that function normally some even better than most, they did not use it as a crutch and excuse.


            The arguments for/against getting a dismissal of the case …

            To dismiss…

            Abuse has been admitted on both sides.  Verbal and emotional abuse.  DISMISS!

            To continue…

            The op-ed gave the impression it was physical abuse and sexual abuse, of which JD did such acts to A.💩, to which they deny, and as such is DEFAMATION.


            There is enough evidence to proceed.  Motion to Dismiss DENIED.


            it’s disturbing to watch amber turd there acting… i mean, that’s 100% an act… she memorized a script with her lawyers and is telling those fake stories when everyone already listened to the tapes and knows she is not a victim, victims don’t act like that, she’s a spoiled rich white prostitute who took advantage of JD while he was having drug problems. She’s evil and a psycho. Not sure how can anyone believe this bs.

            Hope Depp’s team destroyer in the cross-examination. Yesterday’s cross-examination of that bias men hater dr. Karen was disapointing.


            Those aren’t disorders. It’s called being a woman


              Been watching some of it today… OMG she really is a horrible actress, so clear she is lying.


              Maybe Just Maybe, they will fire her from Aqua-man and bring in Emilia Clarke….  Heck her and Jason together would be worth a Billion alone.


              This is real-life Gone Girl.

              Good movie, if you guys didn’t watch it, go watch it. It’s probably Amber’s favorite movie.

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