A Kentucky postal worker who trashed over 100 absentee ballots

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      A Kentucky postal worker who trashed over 100 absentee ballots

      A US Postal Service employee in Kentucky who tried to discard over 100 absentee ballots is no longer with the Postal service and may face federal charges, according to the Louisville Courier Journal.

      Agents from the US Postal Service Office of Inspector General, which conducts independent audits and investigations, confirmed to the outlet that a private citizen discovered 112 absentee ballots in a dumpster on Thursday. The ballots, which were intended for the Jeffersontown area of Jefferson County, were mailed out by the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office earlier in the month, according to the Courier Journal.

      The US Postal Service released a statement, which says in part that “OIG Special Agents identified the employee responsible for discarding the mail,” adding that “the person is no longer employed with the USPS.”

      Any the lame0stream media still will claim no “fraud”, or attempted “fraud” has been documented.

      So here is an example where they discovered and recovered 100 absentee ballots.

      But how many others have they not yet discovered?

      Is it only “fraud” when there is a conviction?

      I think it is “fraud” when one actively does something like this.

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