A list of Youtubers outside of G+G you should be subbed to

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    My first recommended sub, is a channel to use to arm yourself.  Knowledge is power.  Understanding the enemy, is power.

    This channel is from a former SJW.  Her videos generally explain the SJW.  From the inside.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGTrP78wxs0OmJVxsDInVFw/videos


    Some of the others I’m subbed to that I don’t think have already been mentioned.

    SaltyCracker  (Making fun of SJWs)

    Itchy Bacca  (Star Wars)

    Prince Armory  (Making armor)

    Shoe0nHead (Making fun of SJWs)

    I have a lot more subs, but they’ve probly already been covered.


    Or if you like creepy stuff, check out Bedtime Stories.
    They do videos about all manner of weirdness from UFOs, mysterious deaths, hauntings, and cryptids.


      She’s a woke feminist


      I was hoping to find someone else who watches him, love how he talks about events and news his sarcasm has me always going too.


      If you want the truth about Disney and their fan fiction STAR WARS check out Not My STAR WARS #DisneySTARWARSIsNotCanon #NotMySTARWARS https://www.youtube.com/c/NotMySTARWARS

      NMSW Logo Main


      DashieGames, Ashens, Turd Flinging Monkey, Nerdrotic, John Talks, WCBS, YoungRippa59, Star Wars Theory, BizarrelyFunny, Alton Brown, This Is Dan Bell, Hellthy Junk Food, Cowboy Kent Rollins, TheWolfePit, Kitten Lady, I Like To Make Stuff, ChrisFix, Internet Comment Etiquette, THE OLD TURTLE DEN, Ask A Mortician, Rob Gavagan, colinfurze, How it should have ended, Bobby Duke Arts, batinthesun, HeedAndSucceed, Society of Virtue, michaelcthuhlu, E;R,


      For the foodies and aspiring cooks among us:

      1. Food Wishes

      2. Binging with Babish

      3. Joshua Weisman

      4. Natasha’s Kitchen


      Razorfist is fantastic and his take down of Angry Joe is one of the best things on Youtube


      Most of the good ones have already been mentioned so i will just add ScottTheWoz for lighthearted gaming (mostly Nintendo) videos




          The Quartering – Twitter hates him too and it’s glorious


          [Self Promotion]  Technology, Movies, TV, Star Wars, The Orville, Disney Parks,  or whatever is on my mind  http://bit.ly/TomsTechShow




            The Critical Drinker.  Damn he just did a video on Why The Past Matters.  I suggest you all check it out.  Damn if it didn’t make me cry.


            I’m not entirely sure it works that way around…!


            Everyone should check out my channel!  I’m small now, but the sky’s the limit!


          Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 76 total)
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