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    Thought I would create a thread for Power Rangers fans on the G&G website to talk about anything Power Rangers….anything. You guys ever ever had a question, theory, a criticism, a fanfiction, or Power Rangers crush….

    …..well you can state it all here on this Power Rangers thread.

    So put anything you want to talk about Power Rangers here and start conversing.


      I’m not a mega fan but I was back in the day. I stopped watching when they went Turbo. I had enough of the cheese at that point. In recent years I went back to watch the Super Sentai Japanese version on DVD. Zyuranger was really good. Dairanger wasn’t bad. Kakuranger was funny but a little disappointing, the theme song was catchy though. And Ohranger wasn’t that great either.

      I posted some pics of my collection over here: https://www.geeksandgamers.com/topic/your-collection-on-pictures/page/17/

      I have a Soul of Chogokin Dragon Ceaser I really like. I might get Daizyuzin and King Brachion some day, but I really don’t like that Daizyuzin’s hands are black when they are silver in the show. That’s just gonna bug me. They are not cheap either. Dragon Ceaser alone was close to $200, it will cost me $600 to finish that set.

      I have the collectors editions Dragon Dagger (Zyusouken) and Morpher (Buckler) in my collection. I wanted some coins I could mess flip around without having to open the Buckler, so I ordered some repros on Ebay. First I bought the polished gold version, then I saw the guy made a weathered version which is what I really wanted so I ordered that one too.


      I highly prefer Super Sentai myself but I was once a huge Power Rangers fan back in the day. MMPR was my world when I was 6-7 years old and I couldn’t think of anything better than it. I do wish they ended the storyline at Zeo or before it since it did drag-on too long and I really wanted to see the ending so badly but I gave up after my parent’s divorce. Still, those early Power Rangers days were the best and it had the best merch until the Boom! comics and that one fighting game (Battle for the Grid).

      It might’ve been cheesy and had cheaper production compared to later seasons but the music is unmatched. Gotta love that power metal.

      Anyway, since this is a fan thread, anyone played the Beats of Rage game?

      It’s takes all the best parts of the SNES and Genesis games minus Ivan Ooze.


        @Captain_Cronos yeah the nice thing about Super Sentai is each season is a standalone, with an ending. Whereas Power Rangers is perpetual.

        I originally wanted to buy Battle of the Grid, but when I learned about the typical DLC bullshit AND the fact that players are punished for boosting, I decided to hell with it. Don’t care.

        I did find this amusing.



        The yellow ranger in the video is hot even though her season of Power Rangers sucks.


        My God is Ciara Hanna from Power Rangers Megaforce Pretty 🤩😀❤️
        Her Power Rangers seasons was crap but God she looks good in Yellow Spandex not trying to sound weird but hey I have Aspergers Syndrome.


        I had no idea that mobile game had a short movie promotion to go with it. Good stuff. Kinda weird that the Yellow Ranger went from Goseiger to Gokaiger though. Then again, it did happen with Zeo even though Ohranger and Zyuranger are seperate series.


          Does anyone remember the original Power Rangers figures? Those 8″ behemoth ones?

          The Green Ranger always annoyed the piss out of me because he wasn’t “right”. The artwork was wrong and he had no weapon. None of them had weapons, that was wrong in general. Anyway, a few years ago, I was at a toy resale shop and bought an old, beat up Green Ranger with the intent to revise it.

          I like to do 3D designs as a hobby. I modeled up some 3D parts to replace the arms and legs of the Green Ranger. I have not finished this project. The figure is all torn down and in a bin. I was going to paint it but the primer screwed up, so I stopped. It was also missing the Dragon Shield and that was the biggest issue.

          But I DID manage to finish this. I am quite proud of it, actually. Considering it’s scale, I mean it’s something like an inch in size. I revised it since then, to add just the small flute details on the four gold stops, because the original model it was just a painted on detail. That’s why the 3D model shows just gold ATM.



          Does anyone remember the original Power Rangers figures? Those 8″ behemoth ones?

          If you mean the one at 0:10

          not until now. I forgotten all about it. It aired just a few days after I became a fan of the Power Rangers. It was back when I thought DoraSphinx was one of the main antagonists or at least the “final boss”. Hell, why did they advertise that guy so much? He only appeared in one episode and that’s it and it never got any re-run that I remembered.


            Yeah, I have a better picture at home. I can show off where I WAS. I will probably never finish this project. Oh well lol.

            I can sell that Zyusouken if I really wanted too. Shit, I could sell many of them. If I wanted to. If there was a market for it. I’m almost tempted to go back and do all 5 of the Legendary Weapons.



            I have one of the Big Power Ranger action figures I have the red one that kicks


            Okay here is a question to you guys which female Power Ranger would you want to take out on a date if you could?


            Back then? Definitely the pink rangers from MMPR and Zeo. Now? I don’t fantasize of any of them anymore. Maybe that one fit girl that was in Lightspeed Rescue or some series around 2003? I think she was a yellow ranger.



            Emma Lahana aka Kira Ford from Power Rangers Dino Thunder, a yellow ranger I’d love to connect my Dino Zord to her Dino Zord and make a new Power Ranger with her 😀😀😀❤️❤️❤️❤️ She is now Mayhem in Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger but I liked her more as Kira as she was so much hotter back in 2004


              When I was “upgrading” that 8″ Green Ranger, I wanted to make it more show accurate. The Zyusouken was part of it. I also made this. The parts are sound. But my figure is discombobulated and I screwed it up. It needs alot of repair.


              I also made prototypes of modified arms and legs. They aren’t finished. This is as far as I got.


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