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    First of all, I barely comment on YouTube. To add to that, I never comment on YouTube drama reaction videos.

    To make a long story short, I comment on Aba & Preach’s reaction to the whole Crowder/H3/Seder debacle. They were taking the stance of saying “everyone is wrong, middle of the ground’ bs. I simply commented “Seder has a history of doing stunts for clout of other youtubers name, this is why Crowder reacted the way he did”. I went back to edit it because of a typo, that shit was deleted.

    Now, is this YouTube doing, or is this their mods overreacting?



      Could be either, but before jumping to conclusions make sure you sort comments by “newest first”, “top comments” won’t show all comments


      u-tube is notorious for such things.

      I have been in livestreams were in real time 200+ likes disappeared.

      Selective rules enforcements, and then so vague the channel/creators have no idea what they were targeted for.

      The more woke the channel, the more it is protected by the mods and the u-tube enforcers.


      Just look at what happened when KK (of Lucasfilm) made her famous “Fade In” vid, so many comments were deleted, so many disliked were removed, etc.


      Can you comment on other videos? If not, you’ve been flagged as SPAM since Youtube does that to people who “comment too much”. I know this because I’m a victim of this and there are innocent comments on personal videos that are marked as spam. Just another big fuck-up by the Youtube’s terrible staff.


        I used to comment on YouTube videos thinking it had some sort of effect. But once you realize it does not and that they keep track of everything you say I stopped doing that entirely and created a new account to watch the few folks I watch. I really ended up getting off the political stuff it was just too much. I basically only watch gaming and a few religious channels. I feel like I am better off for it.


        You still have an account? Mine was killed on Halloween cause I refused to bend the knee to the Libtards.


          Really amazes me with other platforms out there (odysee) that Content creators dont just put up a Youtube version and a Odysee version?


          We always hear u-tubers asking to help the algorithm by clicking that like button.

          It is another way of tracking users, but it also helps the channels.


            I think the thing that people don’t realize in my opinion, is that platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are not social media sites that also track you. They were constructed to track you. The social media portion is just the bait.


            That happens to me all the time. But mostly is because I use VPN and most of my comments are automatically flagged as spam.

            There’s also the possibility of being shadow banned.

            And some words also trigger their comment auto deleting system.

            Sometimes i write a long comment, and after I publish it, it disappears. Then if i write just like “Good video”, it doesn’t disappear.

          Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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