A rant: Wanting easy modes is cause for insult?

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      So, I have been a gamer since freakin pong in the 70’s. I am that old. In my later 40’s. I have a huge collection of consoles and games, and I mean huge. I have played a lot. I recently finally was able to get a PS5 too, so that has been great.

      However. I am seeing, even more recently, this need for insult from “gamers” who think it is “weirdo” or “wimpy” to want to play games and have an easy mode. Saying nonsense like “your life challenges” aren’t really a challenge and you “haven’t had a difficult life to know what a challenge is”.

      Really? I haven’t had challenges in my real life? Really? I was homeless once. I lived in a storage facility. I have starved. I lived off Top Ramen and Kool Aid. I know what hard times REALLY are. I know life challenges, and I guarantee you, the majority of people making these blanket, immature insults have never starved or been homeless.

      People wanting to play a game in a different way than you do isn’t cause for them being insulted and or demeaned. You aren’t elite, you aren’t special, you are frankly immature if you think otherwise.

      The fact is, maybe some of us just want to kick back and relax after a long 10hr shift of work in a hospital dealing with Covid all night? Hmm? Is that “cause for insult” from the egomaniac gamers who think you need to “get gude”? Maybe that all night work challenge is enough and I don’t want much of one in a game, because I simply want to escape and relax? Maybe I just want the opinion to have an easy mode and just ENJOY the game? Why is that bad? Why is that cause for insult and thinking you are better than me somehow?

      News flash: You don’t get some big life achievement award because you beat Demon Souls or beat a game on hardcore difficulty. It doesn’t make you superior. It’s doesn’t give you a cookie. This attitude from some gamers is really enough already. This “get gude” nonsense. It’s a GAME. Not real life. You want an accomplishment? Do something in real life. It’s stuff like that that put’s me off even wanting to hang around other gamers.

      Don’t get me wrong, I am a gamer. I have been for ages. I have “accomplished” some great gaming feats. But, guess what? They don’t matter in real life. I beat Halo Reach on hardest difficulty back when….well, whoopdy do. I didn’t tell anyone and didn’t think it made me special. But, I survived being homeless and got a great high paying job and a great place to live…THAT was an actual accomplishment.

      Time for people to get their priorities straight and stop demeaning other gamers who just happen to want something different out of their game than you. That goes for developers too.

      I honestly don’t take it personal, I really don’t get involved in the online comments sections and social idiocy, but I am seeing this more and more recently online. Even video’s from bigger youtubers insulting “easy mode” gamers. I felt it was time I said a little bit of something and get it off my chest, not that it really matters.

      End of Line.


      I’m of a similar age for the record.

      Where I think -scorn- is justified, is trying to take a game and make into something it isn’t. I.e. making Dark Souls into a walking simulator because some nitwit games journalist whined about it.

      If the game has the option built in, no shame to the game, play it your way.


        There are games that I have a good time with on the most extreme difficulty. But I hate games that are difficult for the sake of being difficult. Games should be fun and that’s the end of it.

        I don’t see a problem with games including easy modes. Nobody is forcing you to play that way. That some people want to gatekeep even in this is insane.  It literally has no bearing on your experience whether the game has a “story” difficulty setting or not.

        How would Dark Souls be a worse game if it had an easy mode? The only difference is that you’d loose your bragging rights for beating it. But If your biggest life achievement is beating a game then  I hate to break it to you but you are already a looser.


          The kids that were given a gold star for participating at school – will never know the elation of making an effort and achieving a respectable height on a games learning curve. These people think dumbing down a game is providing accessibility. They’re wrong. I’m a few years ahead of you at 52 when we started gaming there was no “easy mode”

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          There is a place for difficult games and there is a place for easy games: It’s all design choice from the developer on what kind of gameplay experience they wanted to deliver. What matters is if you’re having fun. Don’t like it? Play another game (not aiming this at you, OP, just being rhetorical). I personally enjoy games like Ninja Gaiden some days and the Wind Waker on others. Whether it’s to get the adrenaline going or something more laid-back, it’s all good to me.

          I do agree with the overall sentiment: Some gamers get on their high horse about it too much. Overcoming a difficult challenge can feel like an achievement and might impress other players of the same game but it’s not going to get you laid (I’d be swimming in chicks if that was the case lmao).

          I think largely they’re just trying to gatekeep from the fucking casuals: Gaming journalists (and people like them) who just flat out at suck but aren’t able to recognize good game design even if it danced naked in a tea cosy and give the game a bad review as a result (I remember when they were calling the Crash Bandicoot remakes the “Dark Souls of platformers.” Please, stop. I’m begging you). Yeah, people like them should be mocked. But as with with everything, people can take it too far.


          I found that when I place games like SimCity, I enjoy the “easy” mode, or sandbox mode.

          In those games, I am more interested in CREATING a city/landscaping, than to worry about budgets, attracting citizens/businesses, etc and BUILD a city in the standard/hard modes.

          It is all about having FUN.

          Some people enjoy the challenge and the sense of accomplishment that comes with beating a game in the various modes available.



          The problem is that the same folks who want these modes are the same ones who complain about representation.

          This is why they get mocked.


          We should not over-react.

          There’s a thing going on about invincible moves, that’s not easy mode, that’s zero difficulty mode, you literally can’t fail/die. And those gaming “journalists” want that.

          Another thing is some gaming companies who got popular for having games without easy modes, it’s one difficulty for all, and they’re good that way, it’s their brand. I never touch them thou, they’re not for me, but I respect them and I like to watch people on youtube beating those games. Do I want an easy mode for Bloodbourne? No… because that wouldn’t be the same game. The game wasn’t designed to have different modes.

          Do I play games on easy modes? only a few, the ones I don’t really like, I just want to finish them to clear my backlog, but the games I love, I play them on normal or hard difficulty mode, to enjoy them.

          We have freedom to choose what game to play…. now what’s stupid is the new activists weirdos mob coming to DEMAND easy or invincible modes for all games because they want to finish them and trash them in their kotaku article or twitter feed and complain about representation or wtf they complain now. Like who da fuck are you to demand something. They’re just spoiled little bitches and they are the ones being insulted, and rightfully so.


          The gaming “journalists” don’t want to put in the effort to “win” a game, and the hours and hours it takes.

          So naturally, they want a quick, finish this ASAP, and write an article with minimal effort.

          Then move onto the next game, rinse and repeat.


          I almost think the games publishers should just give them a beta sampler of the game, with 1/10th or less of the game in it, so they can write up about the graphics, easy of movement, music, effects, etc. without the need to complete the WHOLE game.


          I play most games on easy mode because…well, I find it easier depending on the game lol. I’ve got slight learning difficulties so I don’t want to spend ages trying to struggle against something that I most likely can’t do. I also don’t mind a bit of a challenge I admit as I also don’t want games to get too easy and I’m finished within fifteen minutes! It also made me laugh when people were complaining about the Disney ‘Free Fall’ games a while back being “too hard” for their five year olds. Oh please; you’ve obviously never played ‘The Lion King’ or ‘Aladdin’ on the MegaDrive/Genesis! Oh and ‘Fantasia’. Now THAT is a hard Disney game, even on easy mode!



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