A State Religion Right In Front of Us

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    A few days ago, I made a bit of a sarcastic joke in a comment about how not wearing masks is against some people’s religion. In this video, Jon Harris looks much deeper into the idea that these Covid rules and regulations, lockdowns and mandates, are becoming some kind of state religion, as he says in the blurb to this video:

    The C0v1d cult is a false religion with prophets who are infallible, all-knowing, and inhumanly good, a central authority that takes the place of God and requires sacrifices be made to it.

    Btw I highly doubt he read my joking comment; rather, he likely got this idea himself.


    Leftism is a cult.

    Wokism is a cult.

    SJWism is a cult.

    People demanding we treat fellow citizens different… is a cult.


    And just like any dictatorship, any tyrant, the ONLY solution is the government.  More government, more rules, less freedoms, less rights.



      People who refuse to wear a facemask during a pandemic because it mildly inconveniences them are awful. You don’t have to be all knowing to understand the purpose of the masks, yet here we are 18 months later and a lot of them are still oblivious to it. Which leads me to believe that people are just stupid AF.



        YOU are part of the problem. You cannot simply disagree, you have to hold yourself above others because they think differently than you.

        Now with that said I will say this. I wear a mask because for me it’s easy to do and not worth the upset over something simple. HOWEVER, clearly masks don’t do anything for COVID. If masks or lockdowns worked so great to fight COVID we would not still be doing both like 2 years later.

        Besides, from my understanding, masks get worn because they can help with bacteria. Not viruses. These are 2 different things. I hear the actual N95 mask has some effect but the paper or cloth masks do literally nothing for a virus.


        Some reports have even made claims that after 20 minutes of wearing a mask, because of the vapor of our breaths on the cloth of the facemask, the effectiveness of the mask to stop particles of the size of covid makes the mask next to useless.

        Face shields, the air you breath in has no filter at all.  It is only your breath hitting the shield, which does not stop all particles from escaping.


        Do masks help?  Yes.

        Are they 100% effective?  No.  Not even close.


        Having people become insane when someone does not have a mask on… that is a brainwashed/cult mentality.

        Some people (for medical reasons) CANNOT wear a mask.  And they will react the same.

        Like in days of old, they yell “LEPER!  Unclean!”

        This is a modern-day version of the same hysteria.



          Cloth/paper masks are useless for COVID. Outside of maybe containing spittle they have no purpose. The N95 mask has SOME use as it relates to COVID but even then it is limited. Don’t believe me? That is fine. But if they worked so well then why are we in the situation we are in with COVID?

          The same goes for lockdowns. They don’t do very much as it relates to stomping out the virus. The virus WILL NOT be going away. It is here to stay until someone invents a vaccine that actually prevents it.

          Is COVID the Flu? No. But functionally (long term) we will have to treat it like it is. Meaning we will have to make common sense moves like hand washing and avoiding certain things at certain times like we do with the flu in flu season. But we have to continue on with life we cannot lockdown the virus away. That is not only not helpful it is damaging. Just look at the countries trying to lockdown the virus away, how is that going?

          Anyways, rant done :P

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