A wave of Canadians quitting their jobs is about to squeeze the labour market

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    A wave of Canadians quitting their jobs is about to squeeze the labour market

    It seems like everyone is quitting their job these days.

    Headlines out of the U.S. speak of mass resignations and a “summer of quitting,” as Americans leave because of overwork and burnout.

    Here in Canada, there is evidence of the same trend. Even the boss is ready to quit, said a survey released Thursday by LifeWorks and Deloitte Canada, with 51 per cent of exhausted senior managers reporting they’re considering quitting, retiring or moving to a lesser role.

    After this last year of lockdowns, is anyone surprised?

    The report explains what’s behind the job resignation trend. Uncertainty over the economy forced people to stay put in significant numbers during the pandemic, even if they were unhappy, the report says.

    That only partially covers it.

    …this expected wave in voluntary job departures, combined with a rise in job vacancies, will make a labour shortage worse.

    Shortage in certain industries.

    It’s going to be a lot more difficult for companies to find the skilled workers they need to fill positions, RBC says. Sectors such as professional, scientific and technical service, which has a vacancy rate of 4.6 per cent, compared to 3.6 per cent across all industries, will be impacted the most.

    So what do employees need to do to get into those sectors?

    So what’s the solution? RBC says workers may be able to negotiate higher wages or more flexible working conditions amid a labour crunch, preventing some of those job vacancies due to dissatisfaction. But beyond that, the country will need to turn to new sources of workers, including immigrants, women and visible minorities. Still, those sources of labour won’t be enough in the short-term.

    Once again, men are being excluded from the solutions.

    What are employers and governments doing to help re-train/train your local population to fit these jobs?

    You are only going to helping a section portion of your citizens.


    Recall when biden put 10,000 workers out of the job by cancelling the pipeline?  What did he say?

    Go into building green energy industry.

    Ok, where is that industry?

    How are you helping them retrain for these new careers?

    What is that?   NOTHING!


    Well, that same FU is being done up here in Canada as well.


    And just like in the states, alot of people, after having gone thru the whole “you and your current job is deemed non-essential”, do not want to go back to a job that can be shut down with next to no notice.

    “People are once again willing to quit if unsatisfied with their current positions — among the clearest signs that confidence in the labour market recovery is firming,” writes Andrew Agopsowicz, a senior economist at RBC Economics.

    These so-called “experts” are clearly clueless.

    The “great reset” of employer/employee relationship is changing the labour landscape.

    So many employees, after having gotten comfortable being allowed to work from home, do NOT want to return to the office, even for only for a day or two of the week.

    This is something this expert does not understand.

    So have to start thinking in a post-pandemic landscape, not this pre-pandemic expectations.


    What the heck is wrong with the western world? It’s really chaotic everywhere right now.



    Yes it is and that is 100% intentional. Before you build a new system you have to tear down the old one. It’s an attack on the west as a whole by all the forces you might imagine would want that. Communists, socialists, ANATIFA, the Elite etc. The goal is to make people clamor for the government to save them so they can ride in on a communist horse and turn the west into the 3rd world so the elites can rule directly instead of by proxy.

    This is why you see the EXACT same playbook being used in every western country.


    Posthaste: ‘Quitting time!’ A shocking number of Canadians are ready to quit if ordered back to the office, poll finds

    A new study from Canadian pollster Angus Reid finds that employers may get some pushback when they ask workers to head back to the office.

    What did they find?

    The poll taken in early July found that more than half of Canadian households (53%) had someone working at home over the past year.

    Among those, 29% said they would like to continue to do so permanently and 44% said they would be content with a so-called hybrid situation, a mix of working from home and in the office. Only 27% said they wanted to return to the office full-time.

    What else?

    When the Canadians who want to continue working from home were asked what they would do if their employer told them to return to the office full time, nearly half said they would look for another job.

    Almost 20% said they would likely quit immediately and 25% said they would go back begrudgingly and then start looking for another job.  Almost 40% said they would roll with it and return to the office, while 17% were unsure.

    So 45% of people will be looking for a job that will allow them to continue working from home.

    Nor is this just a Canadian phenomenon. A Microsoft survey found that 41% of global workers were considering quitting or changing professions this year in what economists have dubbed the “Great Resignation,” reports the BBC.

    In the U.S. the Department of Labour reported that 4 million Americans quit their jobs in April, the biggest spike on record. Not all of those were office jobs, but it does suggest a labour force on the move.


    *** enter devil’s advocate mode ***

    Now let me see, if employees do NOT want to return to the office – continue to work from home, could a company fire them?  If so, what is to say that then why do those businesses need a local employee to do the job?  Is this another instant where they might think of out-sourcing those duties to a nation where the wages/benefits are a lot less expense to the business while still getting the job done?

    This is another example of a possible “great reset/wealth distribution”?

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