Action Comics #1043

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    Ok, a non-superpowered Superman on Warworld.

    And we are getting more history of Warworld, the Warzoom, and Mongul(s).

    But Olgrun?  And his seven aspects asunder across the multiverse.

    Now where have I heard of seven gems that when brought together?

    The Seven Forces of the Universe

    But if Olgrun came after, is it different from those seven forces?


    And how does this tie in to the DARK CRISIS event DC Comics is doing?


    Olgrum is not one of The Hand.

    The Hands are a race of super-celestials from beyond the Source Wall, working for The Source, and tasked with creating countless of Multiverses throughout the void…

    And we got a name of the only HAND that did not return from where it came from.

    During the Year Of The Villian, we had:

     Perpetua, the creator of the multiverse.

    So even DC.Fandom contradicts itself.

    Perpetua was one of the many of The Hand who created countless Multiverses.

    As for Olgrun:

    When the Multiverse was young, Olgrun created worlds full of wonders…

    So Olgrun is one of the old gods?  (As opposed to Kirby’s New gods).

    The editors at DC are doing a terrible job, IMO.


    All these crisis events after crisis events.  They are happening so often it is like we cannot go a full year without a crisis or a huge event of some type.

    There is no calm before the storm as it has been STORM after STORM after STORM.

    They are going to the well too often, IMO, to where these “events” are no longer “events” just “money grabs” and just another story.


    And I do hope they bring Superman/Clark Kent back to Earth soon.  I don’t want Superman to be just another like the Green Lanterns (just without a ring).


    This comic seems fun, I’ll go watch it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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