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    Let’s see picture’s of those awesome action figures!!!! >:)


    Most of my stuff is stored away because i dont have room to display it. I think the last figure i bought was a War for Cybertorn Megatron


    I had a bunch of cool stuff but stupidly traded all my cool stuff away during my teens.

    Also had a good sized Masters of the Universe collection but my mom got rid of it when I was six because the 700 Club’s Pat Robertson said they were “satanic.”

    Good times.



    A blast from the past here, Star Trek: The Motion Picture figures made by Mego. They were obviously hoping to reproduce the success of the Star Wars action figures but failed.

    ST-TMP Figures

    From left to right we have: Admiral Kirk, Commander Decker, Mr Spock, Scotty, Dr McCoy, Ilia, Arcturian, Megarite (missing cloak), Zaranite and a Klingon.

    The only two figures I’m missing are the Rigellian and Betelgeusian, both of which are very rare and thus expensive. Note that Mego did not get around to producing Chekov, Sulu or Uhura figures. Presumably these would have come later had the range been successful. It should also be noted that the species names of some of the alien figures were mixed up.








          This is my favorite action figure. The only one out of the box. Found at a thrift store so it’s why he doesn’t come with his sunglasses. One of my favorite characters in one of his awesome uniforms. q7lzQdyS


            Yes!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to post some pics on here, don’t really have a display, but i’m sure I can set up an action figure photo shoot 😁

            Also had a good sized Masters of the Universe collection but my mom got rid of it when I was six because the 700 club’s Pat Robinson said they were “satanic”

            , my mom’s thrown out my toys using much lamer excuses





            Mando Black Series!



            Bet you guys here didn’t know I was a big Power Rangers fan???!!! Lol jk 😂😀

            Just a few pictures of my Power Rangers Lightning Collection figures I began collecting this last year 😀😀




            @Krista Novva

            I had the same one, a long time ago :D

            I was young, I painted his hat :x

            I have a few new action figures, I’ll post some pics later.

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            With the arrival of my assault intercessor figure today I now have the full set of McFarlane’s current series of 40k figures.


            Boxed left to right are the Primaris Artist Proof, Assault Intercessor and Necron warrior while in front is a Primaris Artist Proof that I took out of the box to paint as a Dark Angel.

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