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    @Automaton959 Once we have a better process, the “Delete Account” feature will return.

    All previously sent messages should return once private messaging is re-enabled.

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    i just tried to upload a pic in the post your rig section under computer gaming. it left a link to view the pic instead of it just being on the page


    Same here.

    I tried to insert image of the horrible Cleveland Guardians.


    We are currently working on a few updates for the website. Over the next couple of days, users may experience slower load times, as well as other minor bugs. Once things have returned to normal, I will make a post in this thread.

    Thank you for your continued support & patience!


    Trying a new forum layout?


    edit: Just noticed the new “search” feture in forums 👍

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    Can’t post images


    I can not post images too.


    “Insert Image” function is back (was able to post images earlier today), but load times are still slower.


    Curious, those images we tried to load that got caught in this no-image stage, will they reload on their own, or do we have to reload them ourselves?

    I was hoping they would automatically, but no such luck so far on that.


    The “Insert Image” function should be working properly.

    Our most recent update has been finalized. If you notice anything unusual, or experience any bugs, please let me know!

    Unfortunately, images that did not upload properly will need to be reuploaded by the user. I apologize for the inconvenience.


    Image test

    chi computer


    Thanks @nicnicstew, load time seems fine, and thats coming from someone with crappy internet, so if it’s loading fast here should be perfect 👍


    @DigiCat  Is that a self portrait of you that you used for an IMAGE TEST?  LOL 🤣


    @Legatus_Legionis, nah, i can’t type that fast 😂



    Here are some issues I would like to bring to your attention:

    1. There seems to be a bug regarding the login process. I am being prompted to complete the login process twice in order to successfully log into my account.

    2. The “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” option has not been working when submitting posts.

    3. The menu that appears on the botton-right of the screen for users to report website issues has not been working. Also, is it possible to contact the support team directly via email rather than using the menu mentioned above to report issues or receive assistance with the website? I have tried emailing support directly before, but did not receive a reply.



    1) Let me know if the login issue continues to happen. I just made some changes on the backend that should have resolved the problem.

    2) Can you check your spam folder and see if the notifications are being sent there?

    3) For the moment, we want to keep our bug reports isolated to this forum; however, we do plan to implement some form of email support in the future.

    (Love your profile picture, btw. Big fan of the NieR franchise!)

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Viewing 15 posts - 211 through 225 (of 391 total)
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