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    1. The login issue seems to be fixed now, I am only being prompted to log in once.

    2. I checked my spam folder and did not see the notification emails there.

    3. I can understand that you would like to keep bug reports isolated to the forum at this time. However, the menu for reporting bugs that used to appear towards the bottom-right corner of the screen has not been showing up lately. Should users continue with using the Addressing Issues thread to report bugs and other technical issues for the time being?



    With this recent update (as with previous updates), they had to temporarily remove some functions, do the update, then put those functions back on.

    The REPORT Tab, and the Messenger Features are still being looked over to make sure they are compatible with the updates, IIRC.

    I am sure they will update us once things get done.


    I’m having an issue with insert image update in The best Nintendo Game system topics. I try to upload an photo to using insert image . The photo I try to update using in insert Image does not get upload . This may be a bug . I could upload 4 photos before.


    The “Most Recent Topic” function is lagging behind updating its list.

    For example just now, it told me the most recent topic was over an hour old, but when I clicked to a specific forum, it was showing new topics 5 minutes and 19 minutes old, etc.

    Two tries/refreshes later, they started to show in the “Most Recent Topic” function.



    Loggin first thing, the “Most Recent Topic” works.

    Log out and come back in later, I need to refresh once or twice to get it to work.


      I am not sure what sort of resources are allocated to the instance/VM that the forums run on but it needs more. Either that or something is really hosed. It takes about 20secs for imbedded videos to show and literally a solid 60 secs for new replies to post.


      Yay, it has been a bit slower the last few days.  @Vknid


      I recently made a post in the Movie Music thread that contained four embedded YouTube videos, and the post submitted fine without issues. I then went to edit the same post to add one more embedded video, and after clicking Submit, the post disappeared as if it ran into an error when submitting. At this time, is there any way I could get this post to show up in the thread again? Also, is there a limit of how many embedded videos can be inserted within a post? I have experienced similar issues as this one after posting embedded videos in other threads, but those posts would usually show up at a later time.


      @Automaton959 I usually try to make posts with just two imbedded items, and just make two posts or more as required.  Then I know I am safe, as there is a limit per reply, and it might be quarantined as SPAM if there are too many.


        I tried to reply to the “What are you collecting post” except my reply with images isn’t showing up in the thread, although on the “Topics” list it shows that I am the last poster in the thread.

        But… go into the thread? Nothing I added is there…. It’s been a while since I’ve logged in, but come to think of it I think I ran into this stuff before and that might be why I stopped posting…. It’s been a while. :)


        Have you been posting more than 2 images?

        The system currently has it that mass images/links, and quick edits are FLAGGED as potential SPAM, and a moderator needs to look at it before it gets released.

        I know they where looking at how that can make adjustments to that algorithm.


        I received an email notification about this post, but can’t find it on the site.  The original post I made took a few days to go up, if memory serves.

        Hopefully it gets resolved because I really want to see the pictures.  I also have some updated pics I wanted to put up in the same forum post.


        Post images not showing up on Job Memes of Joe Biden.


        How do I direct message Jeremy on the site? I need to ask him about deleting posts from my old G+G account cause I still see them here and I want to delete them for good.


          @BloodRanger, private messages aren’t back up yet, they’re fixing some bugs

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