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    Suggestion: For the blog and PM functions: I guess it would seem unfair but you should implement a score system for the users to get reputation and based on positive reputation earned through helpful posts along with the premium user status would be used to enable those functions, that would be a way to incentive people to join premium subscription.


    I have been on forums with those ‘social score’ systems, and in every case it was disabled because of abuse, as it became a popularity contest.

    (ie. fake accounts to upvote ones and down vote others, or a group of people deliberately ganging up on someone’s score, etc.)

    Just by interacting (and the forums are meant so we can interact), you will know those you “respect” and are helpful from those whose opinion you do not.

    IMO, we don’t need to see the total “LIKES” you have, or how many ‘BOOOs” you have.

    I try to read each post on the merits of that post.  I might agree with it, I might not.  We are here to share opinions, to have discussions.  Not to win a popularity contest.


    My most recent new topic thread “Who is your biggest videogame crush” was marked as spam after I corrected the title because there was a type can you guys please unmark it as spam?



    That sounds like a social credit system, I don’t like the idea of that as we already have to deal with that type of thing in real life. Something like that is only gonna make things worse on the website and lead to a two tier society here and we don’t need anymore division in life or online. Just my 2 cents.


    After months of not needing it, I think having the “Report Post” button back might be useful.

    Getting trolls, spam, shit-kickers, etc, it would be nice we had a way of reporting such again.

    With Messaging not operational, our options on reporting such behaviour is limited.


      @larioxem We had one earlier at the launch of the site (we called it Geek Points), but it was being abused by some accounts so we disabled it. Once we get a more solid way of being able to mitigate some of these fake/dupe accounts, I don’t see why we couldn’t bring it back.

      that is definitely why we stopped the geek point system. I noticed there are several accounts being used by a single IP address and they just flood the boards with memes.

      @Blood.Ranger it’s nothing like a “social score” as much as it is suppose to be a way to reward the most active members with fun titles. What the initial plan with geek points was to allow members to be able to use their points to enter raffle contests, but like Legatus had mentioned, it was being abused so we removed it so there wasn’t an unfair advantage.


        I will also get with our webmaster about the report button. Honestly, I didn’t even know it was removed because I have an adblocker that blocks JS. I’m surprised that I can actually see the like/boo buttons right now.


          I noticed there are several accounts being used by a single IP address and they just flood the boards with memes.

          Are all these accounts called Greg??


            @DigiCat I will not confirm or deny, but I will say that I’m completely disappointed in the fact that the one true Greg has not shown himself.



            Inserted images seem to have no maximum display size in posts and can wreak havoc on page formatting, as well as displaying a preview image smaller than the one in the post when clicked on.


            Greg the egg got busted after 1 year. lmao


              Going to second what @Legatus_Legionis said.

              A certain person who needs to be reported, and removed.


                While it’s not the most ideal option, until I can find out why the report button was removed, any issues with the site/boards can be reported to us on our Discord server in the #website-support channel. If you haven’t already joined our server, just keep in mind that in order for you to participate in conversations, you must go to the “Welcome-Rules” channel to give yourself the “Trusted” role by clicking on the green checkmark at the bottom of the channel.


                  There is no area to click to get Trusted when I go to the server doing as you said. I also don’t know what you mean by “bottom of channel”. There is nothing there.


                  At the bottom, there is a:

                  You Must Complete A Few More Steps Before You Can Talk.

                  Then a COMPLETE button, which requires a PHONE NUMBER to complete.

                  Guess this is why I never can/will complete any registration with Discord.


                Viewing 15 posts - 271 through 285 (of 448 total)
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