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    I have been trying to post a reply in “what would you bring to life in you had the cupboard from indian in the cupboard”.


    After I press POST, my reply does not show.


    And, if I look at TOPICS, MOST RECENT TOPICS, or GENERAL DISCUSSIONS, it shows it is started my Megazoid_Jeremy , there are 1 voice, 1 post and last post by Legatus_Legionis.


    Well, that would make 2 voices, two posts.

    And when I go into the thread, there is only the original 1 post.


    I got a post in, but my original is no where to be seen.


    Can someone help me with a problem? My blogs don’t have the pictures of drawings that I submitted


    @Legatus_Legionis, if you try and post something but fail, it’ll still show that you’re the last person who posted, or tried to post, i don’t know why ???




    Someone sent me a friend request and I am unable to accept it when I try to click on accept, can you guys fix it?


    I’m getting the following screen when trying to post in the Resident Evil is Woke Thread of Butt-Hurt Bigots…




    Forbidden?? That’s new, usually it only goes up to not secure

    , try using a different browser


    Yeah, I’m blocked on my HD Fire, works on my desktop.


    I downloaded Brave and DuckDuck Go on my tablet, mostly to watch anime without hentai ads, but it might also work for if the usual browsers like Chrome block you


    Well the autospam detector still is blocking multi picture and multi link post.. Can get 3 pictures in a post but add 4 and wont post.


    4 pictures/likns is the maximum i can post at a time


    I submitted my review for Man of Steel on blogs and the damn thing didn’t appear? What the heck? My cobra Kai review from months ago appeared but not my Man of Steel one? You guys need to fix this for good.


    It would be nice if you can take down the ‘Become a Premium Member!’ banner that shows up on every page. It takes up almost 1/3 of the screen and is more annoying than the pop-up ads that plagued the Internet many years ago. I ended up blocking it since I’m tired of closing it every time I click on something.


    admins/mods don’t say anything for 2 or 3 weeks already. we’re abandoned here lol

    even if you can’t fix all the problems, you should have someone replying to us and giving basic support to the users at least… it’s not hard to have a moderator in charge of the forum… I guess…

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 100 total)
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