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    It would be nice if you can take down the ‘Become a Premium Member!’ banner that shows up on every page. It takes up almost 1/3 of the screen and is more annoying than the pop-up ads that plagued the Internet many years ago. I ended up blocking it since I’m tired of closing it every time I click on something.


    admins/mods don’t say anything for 2 or 3 weeks already. we’re abandoned here lol

    even if you can’t fix all the problems, you should have someone replying to us and giving basic support to the users at least… it’s not hard to have a moderator in charge of the forum… I guess…


    I have to login twice. The first time does not work. This was not an issue a week ago.


    I have to login twice. The first time does not work. This was not an issue a week ago.

    Yup, common problem. There’s even a certain login page where it doesn’t recognize the user name and/or password. Very annoying.


    Since I had recently cleared by cache, I thought it was related.

    I too have had the same “must login twice” to be logged in.



    I can not add CNN Memes to the CNN Memes forums. I could add CNN  Memes to CNN Memes forums hours a ago.




    I could post one Baby Yoda meme to the Baby Yoda Forums. But now I could not post an second Baby Yoda meme to the Baby Yoda forums.



    I got a friend request from someone and everytime I click to accept I can’t add him as friend? I also sent out a bunch of friend requests to a bunch of people on the site and I wonder is this glitch affecting me not getting new friends or am I just bad at socializing?


    Also whenever I log onto this website why do I have to type in my login information two times just to get in? I should only have to put in login information one time then get in.


    Jeremy, just log-in and save it to yoru favorites… do not log-out when your done just close the window.


    @Megazord_Jeremy  I have it where my browser saves my username/password for G&G.

    Then I just have to click “Log-In”…. currently twice, but that I am sure will be fixed shortly.



    I am a willing volunteer to contribute articles, I can cover sports including European and World Cup soccer (football).  I can cover NFL and MLB pretty well too.


    Hey, guys!

    The login issue should be resolved. I apologize for the lack of communication. Unfortunately, our team is spread pretty thin. Please keep me updated on any other issues you encounter. I’ll try to be more active in this thread. You can also use the “Report Issue” button on the bottom right of the screen to report any bugs you come across.


    I use my phone to post stuff weird reason I can’t post my own meme on my forum 🤔


    I’m on my phone and I can’t post my memes for some reason I think the image thing stop working for phones

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 391 total)
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