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    You can also use the “Report Issue” button on the bottom right of the screen to report any bugs you come across.

    We have been discovering that with the latest “FIXES”, the ability to upload/insert images does not work.

    I have tried on many different threads in different topics with the same result.

    The image could not be uploaded. Please check that it is a valid JPEG, PNG, or GIF file and that the file size is no larger than 2 MB.

    jpg <80KB

    jpg <68 KB

    jpg <72 KB

    all DENIED, in ALL the threads/topics I tried.  And I am using a desktop computer, so @apollo it is NOT a phone only issue.



      I am looking into the image upload issue. Hopefully, I  have a solution soon.

      Once the problem has been resolved, I’ll post here to let you guys know.


      I am also having trouble uploading a profile picture. I’m assuming it might be linked to the same issue.


      Could any Mod please delete the (real) spam topics and ban their op Bots please:

      Initial Coin Offering và tiềm năng thay thế IPO

      Bitcoin lại vừa cắm đầu lao dốc

      Cảnh báo giá BTC có thể còn 40.000 đô la

      Nhà đầu tư Dogecoin toàn thế giới nín thở

      Maybe add that language to the auto-spam flag system.

      Also, could you please publish the topic i created yesterday on the Movies section but was flagged as spam…



        All of the image upload issues should be resolved. If you encounter anymore problems, please let me know.


          Thank you for pointing out those posts. They have now been removed.

          I also went ahead and approved your topic (


            Hi, using iPad Pro and Safari, clicking on Premium Feed get a 404 error.




              The Premium Feed should now be working as intended.


                I don’t know if this is an issue, or previously reported.
                Just joined. Changed my profile pic. It worked for the a while then I noticed it was the blue circle default image again after posting the third time I think it was?
                So I changed it again. Will see if it sticks.


                Tried replying to this thread:
                Your Collection on pictures

                First picture worked. Then tried to edit the thread to add more pictures. I tried using a < center > CODE command to see if the pics would center. The reply disappeared entirely. The header says I replied. So I made a new reply. That didn’t appear either.

                ALSO THIS (LOL)

                I logged out and my posts all seemed to vanish. Logged back in and they re-appear. Bug or feature?


                Why is my comment pending moderation? I just put up a thread about why Stan Bush is the greatest rock star ever and I get a message that my topic is moderation pending what ever the Hell that means? It seems the website….doesn’t have THE TOUCH when it comes to Stan Bush the greatest Rock Star of all time.


                  I just approved your thread @Megazord_Jeremy.


                  I was one of the people worried about the forum, so now it’s only fair to say positive things.

                  Thanks Jeremy for listening to us and getting the team in here helping out. :)

                  Thanks nicnicstew! You’re doing a great job and it feels great to have people moderating the topics and helping improving the forum.


                  Now lets all participate, promote the forum and welcome more members. =)


                  Thanks I saw my post approved, you’ve got the touch 😀




                    There appears to be inconsistency in the likes/dislikes button. It worked yesterday, today its missing. I also think it was only available on select posts in a thread I was looking at.

                  Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 450 total)
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