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      Hey everyone, I’m Siobhan the Community Manager for G+G and I wanted to take a quick minute to apologize for the lack of support the forums have been getting. I’m shifting my focus here to be sure to change that and turn all that around so we can make sure that you all will have our undivided attention from here on out.

      One thing that I wanted to address is the issue with posts and comments going “straight to moderation” and kinda give an explanation as to what that means and why it’s happening. Our forums spam filter is self-learning, so if a post or comment meets a certain amount of links or pics, the spam filter will pick that up. For the next few days, I will be going through all of our spam filters to approve everyone’s posts or comments that may have been caught up in that filter and making sure to keep up with it daily once it’s flushed out.

      If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to throw them my way here or on our Discord server!
      Thanks, everyone!



        Currently the maximum amount of links/pics in one post is 4

        I’ve seen this be suggested before, but i’ll pitch it again, something that might help any nervous users wondering what’s happening to their post could be a forum tutorial thread that points out what the spam filter picks up, such as amount of links/pics per post ecc.


          @DigiCat I’ll see what I can do, but that’s definitely a good idea! I’ll try to come up with something like that either throughout the week or during the weekend.


          Looks to be picking up more than that.  I’ve had several comments which didn’t include links or images that never got posted.


            @TheGoodTomKing which you’re right. It looks to also flag a lot of relatively lengthy posts/comments as well. I’ll get with the webmasters to see if there might be something we can do to give our active members an automatic approval or something like that so yall don’t get caught up in spam purgatory lol. We’ll get something figured out though!


              Hi @WeareChaoS, i noticed that some bugs had been fixed for the amount of links per post being marked as spam, so i tryed to make a topic “SJWs Are Dumb”, in it i put 1 youtube video and 5 laughing gifs, ’cause the video made me laugh my ass off, but it went straight to moderation, would be very greatefull if you could approve or pass the message on to who’s approving post, thanks :3

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              This totally explains why an old post of mine reappeared later in a thread yesterday. In a moment of wtf, I edited it away its reposted content because I had no idea what was going on since I knew I had not responded to that thread in months.


                Isn’t there something like a simple whitelist? Can that not be used?

                After a while spam bots vs real people should be obvious.


                Just don’t base it on spelling. Cause that would suck.


                  @Shrap , Not all spam are Bots some might have many many accounts, Siobhan has been working her tail off, I think Jeremy sold his nuts to pay for all the overtime and is using hernia as an cover story lol.

                  , Yup, I was rolling watching them pop up, I need to go back and edit myself.

                  Everyone if you go in the DISCORD SERVER you can get a message to Siobhan and she responds pretty fast.


                    It could weed out posts by people who post one too many pictures who are reputable, preventing the need for moderation, preventing the need for so much work. Why if the symmetry were any more perfect I would weep.

                    Granted I dont know the details of the code. So its no biggie. Just a thought.


                      @DigiCat I’m the one who’s approving the post so I’ll get you sorted out!

                      yeah I had went through everything that was caught up in the forum filters and manually approved a lot of stuff that ended up being caught. It should be much easier to keep up with anything that happens to get flagged.

                      @shrap I’m not sure, but I can look or at least ask our webmasters if there’s something we can do to prevent so much stuff getting caught up in spam. We’ll try to come up with some sort of game plan :) we have a lot of work cut out for us but we’ll get everything to where it needs to be. All we ask is for some patience and of course your feedback, so keep it coming!

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                        paitience granted. just a thought was all.


                          Thanks so much @WeareChaoS


                            @shrap lol well thank you, it’s appreciated. Like I said, we’ll work on a solution. I’ll give an update on what all we come up with when I know something.

                            you’re welcome!



                            Hey Siobhan,

                            I am not sure if this user is joking or is he a troll or not but he gave me a very very strange comment on one of my threads. Should I respond to him with a comment to rip him a new on his lack of logic or should I just say nothing and let it pass?

                            I am not gonna mention his name but his profile picture is that of a Clone Commando from Star Wars.

                            I thought I would bring this to your attention first, before engaging the guy and getting into a conflict that could get out of hand.

                            I am preparing a reply as we speak to best respond to him but I thought maybe I should tell you first and see what you think is the best to do in this situation?

                            I think he needs to be investigated

                            Here is my thread with the user on it that made the strange comment on my thread and a thread to another person’s thread this troll was on

                            SJW words sound so childish to me


                            JK Rowling and The Gestapo of Reddit mods if you don’t agree




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