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    I’ve looked and found no terms of service for the site. Did I miss something? More specifically, I was looking for guidelines about what kind of content can or cannot be shown here.  Can anyone enlighten me?

    Obviously, as a Gentleman Pornographer, I’m hoping there will be no restrictions, but I’ll comply with whatever rules there are. 0:-)



    It is a violation of federal law to distribute or expose obscene materials to minors.



    While I am a fan of nudes I dont want this place to get nuked over a nipple.


    Best keep that stuff for dedicated websites, especially with potential risk of minors exploring G&G.

    The website is brand new and clearly its focus is not on cartoon nudes or similar 18/21+ stuff.

    As MrDragonbane said, it’s best if we can avoid this forum being swarmed by this. We got plenty of discord servers sharing these tbh.


    NO! Please do not post any adult content on Geeks and Gamers. When i signed up i noticed there is no age restriction to join the website, wich means technically  children could have G+G accounts


    Yeah… I would say say the lack of clearly defined rules for the forums other than “don’t harass others” is a bit vague.

    It’s a niche community so for now asking people to just use their common sense is fine. But as the community grows so too will you have different kinds of people coming in. I think Jeremy and team will want to have a serious consideration about what kind of content is uploaded on the forums as that can reflect on them and their reputation (I’m personally okay with mild/moderate nudity but anything truly explicit would be too much. But that’s my opinion).

    I get wanting to stand for freedom of expression, but having a “anything goes” approach can lead to things becoming a bit… chaotic. Thanks for at least having consideration for others and asking first.


    Thanks everyone, and no worries, I didn’t come here looking for trouble. I get that it’s a new website, which is probably why there aren’t terms of service that cover this stuff (yet). I’ll be good.  :D


    I’ll also behave
    I stated in my latest blog post I will kept adult talk out of the forums

    I’ll keep mine exclusively to my own blog
    And to be clear when I say adult talk I don’t mean talking like in a sex chat
    I mean being able to address subject matters like in my last blog post: at what point are we to let the online mob dictate RPG games and their content

    Many of us play tabletop RPGs to explore fringe subjects like racism, sexuality etc, not bury our head in the sand like good Disney drones

    Or this site is doomed to become another twitter as anyone’s interpretation of what is ‘proper’ is bound to run amok

    PS: please advise early if this will become an issue

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    Perhaps at some point down the road, when the website is a little older and rules/regs have been more fleshed out, a forum section for more adult or risque discussions would fall under the premium membership area. But until then, I agree that it would be best to not post blatant adult content.


    Personally I have zero interest in anything pornographic on this website. Porn is easy to find, but a place that hasn’t been drowned out with SJW bullshit is not. So hopefully we just stick with that. That’s just my opinion on the matter


    To be clear, I wasn’t looking to post porn here, though it may appear that’s something I like.  =)


    Stop yelling at me. This is supposed to be a safe space


    I messed up and responded to wrong person. Dunno how to delete this so I’ll just edit it explaining


    You were working up the courage to propose to me on Twitter. What happened?


    LOL. Oh, you leftie lil’ snowflake you. ;)

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