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    I’ve just replaced my old PC (so old one of the fonts was ‘hieroglyphs’) and I’m in the process of reinstalling everything I need.

    I used to just run MS moviemaker for editing videos since I didn’t need anything too fancy but that is no longer available and I thought I’d ask what people here could recommend for free and reliable video editing software for a Windows 10 machine. I don’t go in for fancy effects, just stitching short videos together and occasionally a bit of trimming  or adding in still photos for my YouTube channel.


    I think Final Cut Pro has a free trial version. And from what I remember you can reset it when its over by changing the date on your computer back. Its been a couple years since I did this.


    I use Filmora9, but based on what your goals are, it would be overkill. Plus, it adds a Filmora watermark if you use the free version. It’s a half-decent editing program, but most useful if you buy the subscription and want to use more advanced editing. So…I guess it’s a good example of what you’re not looking for.


    Resolve (davinci) is free (with some limitations) but is a very professional software. If you have some free time to learn it, then you’re set.

    The most basic one I know is VideoPad Editor, it’s not totally free but it’s not expensive… And it’s easy to use.


    Most people use final cut pro, premiere pro and filmora. But these are the big boys… Too Expensive in my opinion.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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