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    Wwe is trash now, I remember watching WWF in the early 90’s every month my dad go to the vhs store and get the latest show royal rumble and shit I miss these days ..


    I think the women in the wwe are as fantastic as the men wrestlers in the 90s. This isn’t a woke post I think the characters and acting are really really good.

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      The acting ability of it’s current females is one it’s worst aspects.
      The women WWE have ever hired with any mic skill could, probably, be counted on one hand. haha
      Trish Stratus, AJ Lee, Molly Holly, Mickie James and Ivory are all that come to mind immediately but I’m sure there’s a few more if I thought about it.


      I thought Alexa as a heel was great on the mic. Comparable to Trish. Becky was fun to listen to (but her twitter was better). But, yeah, those two are the only ones I’d call good promos. Most others just seem like they are reading lines. Don’t know if it’s the talent’s fault or the WWE creative’s.


      There is my point though, Kenny Omega may be great but no one has heard of him, where I’m from New Japan is virtually unheard of by the casual wrestling fan, so until they sign someone who is a real star then I don’t believe they can be a real threat to WWE.


        WWE needs to be rated R… Growing up the WWF was awesome. My parents were cool and let me watch. Although they said I couldn’t watch the bikini contest. Oh but I managed to find a way lol Sable was my favourite. What a cougar. I want more of that now. Hot bitches in bikinis.. Thrown through tables. Fights in the grocery stores like with Stone Cold and Booker T…. Beer Trucks and zambonis. Jumping off cages from high heights onto some fucking thumbtacks like Mick Foley lol Thats what I want. But now its just lame shit for children. But honestly I wouldn’t watch it even if I was a kid. That shits lame bro…


        I kind of prefer TNA it’s more savage


          I want another Backyard Wrestling game on PS4


            You guys remember this shit? I got it with my PS2 back in the day


            Well I am half in half on the AEW Vs WWE tribal society AEW does have some amazing talent like Omega, Moxley, Jericho, Cody and amazing tag team division but it has some glaring flaws as well like the women’s  division and they are trying to make it stack. WWE has some flaws in its programing like relying on the same talent and storyline and burying amazing talent   like the nexus and the core the Wyatt’s for a month and not listing to the fans and the Shane McMahon show well Vince is out of touch. Well look at impact it was going to be out of business at some point but  a fresh gimmick help it back to life and having some great talent help it and give mixed wrestling fans a amazing feud with two great talents like sami callihan and tessa blanchard but I  think that a wrestling fan should  not be divided in a wrestling tribe like the aew tribe and the Impact and Roh tribe and the wwe tribe but both companies have some issues.

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            AEW did beat NXT in the Wednesday Night Wars(It wasn’t even a war to begin with.) And last night, had 1.219 million people watching it. Plus, I’ve been watching AEW Dark Elevation every monday night and AEW Dark every tuesday night since both are on Youtube. Live. And I mostly watch Mexican pro wrestling like Lucha Libre AAA, +LuchaTV on Youtube(it’s live sometimes), and CMLL(they have 2 out of 3 falls for every match, annoying, but the matches are still good.)


            Perhaps 2 years ago I would have agreed, but now not anymore. When I first started watching AEW it felt fresh and new but now imo it feels outdated. I watched AEW consistently since the second episode it ever aired until the pandemic started and it was a lot of fun watching AEW. I saw AEW’s flaws but I ignored them because whenever I watch a show, movie, read a book, or any other form of entertainment I will not pay attention to its flaws as long as I’m enjoying the show and that’s how I watched AEW. I knew it’s flaws but I didn’t care about them because I was having fun watching the show anyways. I remember watching Revolution in 2020 and it really felt like this was AEW’s peak, it was an almost perfect ppv. But then the Pandemic started and it went downhill for me. For some reason when AEW lost its crowd, I started noticing its flaws a lot more. And when I start to not like or enjoy a form of entertainment I start noticing its flaws a lot more to the point where I can’t take it seriously anymore. The quality of the show just went downhill from the booking to the stables. AEW’s women’s wrestling sucked, too much noticeable choreography in tag team matches, they kept having WWE and NXT in their mouths specifically Jericho and that gets annoying after awhile, the spot fests are always lovely, those stretched out matches that don’t need to be as long as they are, etc. Anyways with all those criticism I don’t hate AEW but they do need to fix a lot of issues and I hope at some point they will realise their problems and fix them. I truly want them to succeed so they can compete with WWE.  Anyways to respond to the title, I’m sure a lot of fans do feel like AEW is better than WWE but to me AEW and WWE are both just eh. Hope that changes in the future though and hopefully both of them start getting better.


            Everything Stateside is pretty terrible these days.

            What gets me is we have so many promotions now, and wrestling nearly every day of the week, but not one caters to those of us that grew up loving the over the top larger than life circus atmosphere of Golden Era WWF. You could easily recreate that with the right roster. Hell, WWE could easily do that now as Braun Strowman should’ve taken a Hulk Hogan-like persona after teaming with Nicolas a few years back, but no, it’s all over choreographed, overscripted, drawnout, gymnastic spotfests,  with little effort in maintaining gimmicks and an aura of kayfabe.


            To me, it’s still like being forced to pick between being punched in the balls or kicked in the balls! :P

            Begging for some sensible balance between the two.

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