Alienware orders will be cancelled

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    So if you try to order an Alienware or other high end PC system and it ships to California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont or Washington  your order will be cancelled.     New power regulations do not allow these system to be sold in those state.   Details are in my video ( )    Basically if you live in a blue state your gaming is cancelled.     As of right now you can still build your own system and get around the regulations, I guess that is until they see your power usage and come in to search your home.   Another reason I moved from California to Florida!!


      Everyone needs too remember such insane BS when they go vote.


      the rub of why this is happening is as follows its not about that high end system with a 3090 running a game with ray tracing , on your 8K monitor at 300 fps and that 500 watt sub woofer…no no

      its the idle speed when you turn on a pc so you cant avoid it….

      cali says thats too much

      in otherwords they want everyone in 6 states not to have pcs ….

      fucking eh i say this shold offset teh hardware issues for rest of us

      and tehcnically its not just alien ware its all dell pcs and workstations and other cmapnies too , so your not gonna circumvent this and in time these idiots will start searches at state borders…..


      p.s. this can also mean more then your gaming is canceled …..

      time for anyone that has tech , is into tech and lvoes tech to move out of eveyone of those states…leave ti to cell phoned perverts of cali to make such stupid laws.

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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