Althete wants rule change, so they can be unsportsmanlike

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    Ukrainian fencer Olga Kharlan calls for rule change after disqualification for refusing to shake hands with Russian opponent

    The leader of Ukraine’s national fencing team, Olga Kharlan (was) disqualification from the world championships for refusing to shake hands with a Russian opponent.

    How brave.

    …the refusal to shake hands after a contest results in a black card and expulsion, according to federation rules.

    So she knew the rules, and decide to do it anyway.  I have ZERO empathy for her.

    Kharlan had just beaten Russian Anna Smirnova, who was competing as an individual neutral athlete, at the world championships in Milan…

    And showed her unsportsmanlike attitude by refusing the shake hands with an opponent she just beat.

    “I did not want to shake hands with that athlete…” said Kharlan.

    Racists!  Hating someone for their ethnicity.

    Mikhailo Ilyashev, President of the Ukrainian Fencing Federation, told Ukrainian television that the federation would protest the disqualification, which prevents Kharlan from competing in the team competition.

    Ilyashev also explained how the disqualification would make it more difficult for Kharlan to qualify for the Olympics next year.

    They all knew the rules.  I do hope for such rule breaking/unsportsmanlike behaviour, the ruling of disqualification STANDS.

    “So when I heard that they were going to remove me from the competition, disqualify me and give me a black card, of course it killed me. It killed me so much that I was screaming in pain.”

    Boo hoo hoo.  Your own actions have consequences.  Now DEAL with those consequences and not cry like a baby.

    So you can’t win in this competition (being disqualified), and might not now qualify for the Olympics.  You have no one but YOURSELF to BLAME.


      It really does not matter what the divide or the argument is.

      If you demand understanding and tolerance, but you refuse to extend any, it pretty much invalidates your initial request because you are just a self serving hypocrite.

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