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    Thoughts, as it appears a done deal now?


    I don’t do business with Amazon. So I guess I won’t be doing business with MGM? Awesome.

    There is just no escape from these mega corps. Is there…


    I believe that in the end we should always make deals with them. It is what it is


    As I watch movie from DVDs, this “deal” means less movies for me to watch.

    I want to purchase physical media, so I can watch it when I want, as often as I want, where I want.

    I do NOT want a temporary license to have access to something that can be removed/edited at any time.


    Also, the James Bond franchise makes things “interesting”, as they are the primary rights holder they have final say on everything.



    @Legatus_Legionis agreed.

    Hollywoke has pissed me off to such a degree that I have cancelled my cable, I have no subscriptions, I NEVER got Netflix, I closed my Amazon account, and I don’t even watch FREE broadcast TV. I quit going to movie theaters, too. I just can’t be bothered to care about these adult pretenders (Hail Nerdrotic). I actively root for every one of them to fail, lose their jobs, and reap the whirlwind THEY have created.

    I stick strictly to DVD’s/BluRays I find in the $5 bin at Wal-Mart. Classic films. Last movies I bought were Coming to America and Beetlejuice. Granted I HATE Adam Baldwin. I caved, cause I loved that movie as a kid.

    I MIGHT buy Godzilla vs Kong come Black Friday. But if the price is too high, I can wait. I just don’t care anymore. I was going to buy the Snyder Cut, but when he pissed in my face all the joy I had for that was lost in an instant.

    I have pretty much shifted to pure Anime/Manga and legacy entertainment from the 80’s-00’s, when films were FUN.

    As far as Bond goes, I actually enjoy all of the Craig era, some more than others, but I don’t hate any of them. But I refuse to watch No Time to Die. I am officially done. No more.


    And YET AGAIN the anti trust board gets bought off and allows a monopoly to get bigger.


    This country is fucked.


    They only announced the agreement.

    It has yet to be approved (rubber stamped) by the anti-trust board, competition board, whatever it is called.



    no laws in the US against monopolies?

    its getting a little out of control… disney, google, amazon… they have way too much power.


    @Hazu, there are, but the system is so broken it doesn’t matter. I agree.

    Now we get to watch the  mega corps Highlander themselves. There can be only one!



    Ad placements into movies.  Oh how I disliked them, especially when it was so blatant.


    i cringed so many times watching the garbage transformers movies made in china geez.. product placements every minute.



    At least it wasn’t Disney that much we can all agree on at least.


    “Also, the James Bond franchise makes things “interesting”, as they are the primary rights holder they have final say on everything.”

    Not everything. Pretty sure they  just have video distribution rights or something. EON are the primary rights holder for Bond.

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