And so they came for Interview with the Vampire

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    So, now they came for Anne Rice’s classic tale…..

    The series doesn’t just adapt the novel; it fundamentally alters it, shifting the central timeline forward by over a century, exchanging the book’s suggestive homoeroticism for outright gay sex and changing the racial identity of main characters, among other changes.

    Everything must be race swapped. I am so sick of it. There already were multiple races of vampire in the books, I know because I read the first 5 books. Changing one, or others, for “inclusion & “diversity” box checking was not necessary. At all. They say “contemporary reinvention”, well that is just code word for identity politics because these people pushing it have absolutely no creativity and have to hijack established franchises to promote their narrow minded agenda.


    I have found that the overly work shenanigans started in 2010.  I rarely watch a movie beyond that date.   Sure, their agenda has been in TV and movies since at least the 80’s but entertainment ceased and propaganda started at about that 2010 mark.  They will continue this so long as they can make any money off it whatsoever.  Once that stops, the propaganda will stop.

    And furthermore, I believe since they are so woke and so exclusive of anyone that isn’t, that Hollywood has turned into a very tiny community out of ideas and unwilling to take in any fresh ones.


    What if they made Tom Cruise’s character in Interview with a Vampire a female character but kept Brad Pitt’s character a dude then had it where the now female version of Tom Cruise’s character in the story wanted to make out with the Brad Pitt character?

    They want to make this all about sex why not we have it where one of the vampires is a hot chick and the other vampire is a dude?

    It can still be woke because we had a male character now a hot chick but the other is still male and then we can have all the sex stuff we want with a dude and a chick which would cause the blue hairs to flip out.

    We say we give them what they want but we pull a Rian Johnson on them and do it in a way that pisses them off that they wouldn’t expect lol :)


    This is why I’m ALWAYS cautious these days when they say that they’re going to “reimagine” something for a modern audience. Can’t “wait” to see what current Hollywood would do to ‘Dracula’ if they ever get the chance😳…

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    The have to “reimagine” everything because their cult is so tiny at this point they don’t have anyone with fresh ideas.



    That’s why I didn’t watch Netflix’s version of Jane Austen’s ‘Persuasion’ because the moment they said that they were going to “reimagine it for a modern audience” that sent all sorts of red flags. I ended up being right of course once I started hearing about what they had done to it. Not my favourite of Austen’s novels but even I was against this.


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