And Then They Came For Jungle Cruise

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    Well of course, after Disney ruined Splash Mountain, they decided to go after another classic: Jungle Cruise.

    According to Disney, this “new adventure” will stay true to the experience that guests know and love, but with more humor, wildlife and “skipper heart”. Like the Splash Mountain reimagining, which was announced last year, it looks like Disney is taking another opportunity to update old attractions to better reflect the diversity of the modern world.

    Now this feels more justifiable than the Splash Mountain one (where there is literally nothing racist about that ride), but this is still really dumb. How many people are gonna ride Jungle Cruise and suddenly feel the urge to burn a cross on their front lawn? Probably very very few.

    At least this gives them the opportunity to tie it in with the new Jungle Cruise movie that no one asked for. Yay!


    Jungle Cruise is like the tamest ride in the entire park.


    Destroy the past to promote… sjw garbage (who do NOT financially support anything they forced to change).

    It is a losing strategy.


    Just look at how “successful” their star wars attraction has been.


    what was so racist about it?

    I think they (sjws, corporations) are the racist ones… bunch of weirdos.


    Nothing is. They overblowning the natives’ depictions. When all of them are based on actual natives that Marc Davis, (who designed the humor changed ride in the 60’s) actually encountered and did research on how they look. And Trader Sam, is just a funny gag. I knew Jungle cruise at some point would be next. First Pirates, then Splash, and now Jungle Cruise. Adventure Land as a whole is a romanticized fictionalized view of the exotic of foreign lands. WATCH. They’re come after HM for the suicide scene….


    And if WDW Pro is correct, more rides are next.

    One source provides me with the following attractions and experiences which are to be under scrutiny and given recommendations for modification over the next five years:

    1. Splash Mountain
    2. American Adventure
    3. Hall of Presidents
    4. Country Bear Jamboree
    5. Whoop De Doo Review
    6. Carousel of Progress
    7. It’s a Small World
    8. Peter Pan’s Flight

    Jungle Cruise (not mentioned on the list)


    American Adventure?  That is anti-globalist!  Must go!

    Country Bear Jamboree?  Country is anti-urban/anti-democratic stronghold!  Jamboree?  Isn’t that a scout’s get together?  That too must go!

    It’s a Small World?  Shows ethnicity!  Individualality!  Pride in Nationality!  That too must go!

    Peter Pan’s Flight? patriarchy!  Only female fairies are allowed to fly!  Down with eternal male youthfulness!


    Where is the marxist/communist progression/democrats/sjw propaganda?

    Where is all the Mary-Sue attractions?

    Where is the anti-family programs?


    I can see why they want to destroy family friendly things.




    What we’re hearing, and working to confirm, is that there are more attractions planned to receive changes – things like the Tiki Room, Country Bears, etc. We can just about guarantee that Peter Pan’s Flight is going to change. We’ll let you know when we know for sure.

    Why would you need to change the Tiki Room? It’s just birds singing songs! And the Country Bears are just bears singing songs! WHAT IS HAPPENING

    Simultaneous to this “Diversity Ideation” concept they’re emphasizing now in the domestic parks, they’re going to the opposite direction with China. We do not believe there are any attempts to diversify the Chinese parks or the Chinese offerings of Disney with more displays of ethnic and religious minorities. There’s actually a crazy rumor in that regard that I hope to cover in the coming days. But this is a two-pronged approach by Disney: go very far in one direction in the US while going the other direction in China.

    Well of course, you need to get those sweet sweet communist bucks. I mean we already have Winnie the Pooh running the show over there, so it makes sense for Disney to want to please China

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