And they came for American Adventure, too


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    Hi guys, new poster, but this is probably the last forum left where this won’t get zapped.

    Disney quietly installed a tribute to jazz, based heavily on Soul, in American Adventure. By itself, very cool, a unique American art form getting its due.

    Here’s where it gets weird. This didn’t go in the museum area off to the right, where you might have expected. This took over the entire entrance rotunda. The paintings that used to hang on the walls? Gone. Which is a shame in and of itself, they were beautiful, painted by Imagineers back in the day to compliment the pavilion and its show. But also gone are the quotes emblazoned on the wall. If you ever took the time to really walk around, there were inspirational quotes from prominent Americans on the walls. Among them were words from founder of Objectivism (and scourge of the Left) Ayn Rand, Charles Lindbergh (often attacked these days for being pro-fascist) … and Walt Disney.

    I don’t think this is coincidence. AA was on WDWPro’s list, and he has specifically warned of an upcoming attempt to cleanse Walt from his own World. I think this was a first blow, and it was subtle enough no one is calling them out for it.




    You had just gave the reasons all that was removed…

    …they were inspirational and (scourge of the left).

    and no, it was a deliberate way of erasing history that does not fit thier hate filled narrative.


    I’m worried its only a matter of time before they redo the American Adventure show to include propaganda about American history (like the 1619 Project).

    Then again, I don’t know who goes to Walt Disney World to learn about American history anyway

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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