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    Hollywood crow about strong women in films and animation. But what makes a strong character? In my opinion what makes a strong character is growth. Having to overcome a difficult circumstance. Sometimes that means in order to grow , they have to accept failure. When it comes to anime they paint every anime with the same brush without actually doing research. But those who actually take time to do a little you will find that there are strong women in anime. However unlike Rey from the Disney trilogy. These characters are actually well written, have depth and most importantly personality. Strength is also subjective , are you physically strong or mentally strong! Anime with strong characters Attack on titan, Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. Strength could also mean dealing with a condition. Hollywood does not understand that strength does not always mean physical strength. Take the anime I want to eat your pancreas, in this situation physical strength is useless. In pandering to the SJWS,Hollywood have lost the concept of strength. This is where anime is different, each character has there strengths and weaknesses, this makes them relatable. I think this is why SJWS attack anime, because with no restraints , they actually succeed in creating what Hollywood can’t do, and create a strong relatable characters.


    Indeed. Same would be said about showing the true potential of animation which is that it can be the best way to tell unique and experimental ideas and as being better in getting people emotional invested since it portrays and conveys emotion better than Live-Action. Unlike Hollywood since Hollywood would have their animations be made for kids as well as have their mature animations be comedies. Plus like all animation regardless what part of the world it’s from, there’s no limitations unlike Live-Action.


    One of the better examples of a “strong female protagonist” is in the anime/manga series Yona of the Dawn. The title character, Yona, starts out weak and selfish, but without wanting to spoil anything I’ll say that changes a lot as the story goes on.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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