Anime music part 5

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    Nothing better then having 2 of your fav anime airing at the same time 😸😸


    One more season of MHA to go 🐱


    Perturbator – Venger [feat. Greta Link] (Unofficial Videoclip)

    Mana Thief
    Movie: BLADE RUNNER 2049 – “Black Out 2022” Anime Short
    Music: Perturbator – Venger [feat. Greta Link]

    Inspired by (“Jack Box”).


    “There’s no such thing as peace. There is no hope. Nagato only believed in Naruto to find solace in his own pathetic existence.”


    “Who… Who are you, really?”
    “Nobody. I don’t wish to be anybody. All I want is to complete Madara’s Eye of the Moon plan. That would be enough.

    It’s not worth living in a world where only despair exists.


    Man, Tobi was so badass and nihilistic during his tenure as the series villain.

    Then the mask came off and he became the whiniest bitch ever and got an unearned redemption. Waste of a good villain, imo, but oh well.


    Great anime


    Watched 334/1025 episodes of Detective Conan


    Brotherhood and Yu Yu Hakusho have the best, just saying ;)


    kuro miao gif

    Kuro wants you to watch Blue Exorcist, make Kuro happy 🐱


    Re:zero has a cool first OP 🎵


    Another anime i started watching ’cause there’s a cat in it 😸


    Not the greatest anime but awsome ED 🎵


    Some more My Hero Academia since i finally started the manga :3


    Watched 356/1032 episodes of Detective Conan

Viewing 13 posts - 121 through 133 (of 133 total)
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