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    Hey guys,

    I just made a video I made video on the deepest anime I have seen:

    Please do let me know what you think, and what I should improve on. Also, a like, subscription and comment would really be appreciated if you enjoyed the content and would like to support the channel.



    Nice list :)

    Haven’t watched Mushishi or Monster yet, but i’m very curious about them, Evangelion… i do agree the themes it tackles are very deep, but i wasn’t that impressed with the storytelling, especially the second half of the show, by the end of it it felt more confusing rather than something to be able to think about

    Here’s some of the deepest and/or most thought provoking anime (imo) that made me think real hard about different aspects of the world, human behavior, and even my own life:

    • Digimon
    • Fullmetal Alchemist
    • Death Note
    • Code Geass
    • Banana Fish
    • Psycho-Pass
    • Attack On Titan
    • My Hero Academia

    Thanks man! And based on your list, I really think that you’d like Monster, since it tackles the same kind of issues as the anime you summed up.


    Here are some recommendations:

    Snow White with the Red Hair: This may be a strange one to think of as thought-provoking, because it’s not a dark and heavy series. What caught my attention when I watched it was how the two main characters treated each other with honor and respect. That a sadly rare thing, both in media and in real life.

    Haibane Renmei: Hard to discuss it much without maybe spoiling it, but it’s up there among my favorites.

    March Comes In Like A Lion: What you said about Evangelion reminded me of this one. It’s a very rich and complex story.

    Trigun: Starts out like a not very deep action story, but gets deeper as it goes along.

    86: This is an ongoing series, the first season came out earlier this year, and the second is being released this season. Deals with questions of how people treat each other, how far too easy it is to see others as not even human.


    I want to recommend one more:

    Serial Experiments Lain: Although this anime is over 20 years old, the words that open each episode, “Present day, present time”, are as true 20+ years later as they were in the late 90s.


    Another anime to recommend: Dororo, great anime that makes you think a lot and with a very emotional story


    Probably the most thought-provoking anime I’ve watched are (in terms of morality):

    – Death Note

    – Attack on Titan

    – My Hero Academia (maybe not so much in the anime right now, but definitely in the manga)

    – Neon Genesis Evangelion (mostly in the second half of the series, when the tone shifts from a standard mecha anime to a complex and psychological character study)


    Some Gundams I would say, especially Iron Blooded Orphans. The story of Orga and Mika was really tragic. This is gonna contain spoilers so beware.


    I think it captures the essence of a relationship between two friends which seems like a neverending bond of trust but in actuality is a toxic and unhealthy one which eventually leads to the death of both and a disaster. If we start with Mika, he got saved by Orga as a child and decided to follow Orga anywhere. No matter what Orga decides, Mika backs him up. As an orphan who knows nothing but how to fight and kill, he kills whoever Orga points at.

    But this also effects Orga, since Orga is pushed by the pressure to doing some stupid decisions because of Mika, since Orga needs to show how tough, competent and fearless he is to Mika. Best example is in the final third of the show, the Iron Blooded Orphans has gotten out of most trouble and isn’t the public enemy number one anymore after some political shenanigans and cleaning their names for the whole season basically, and they should’ve and could’ve just quit at that point.
    But Orga feels like the show must go on and they can’t satisfy and should reach for bigger things with the pressure from Mika as he wants to be a good and fearless role model, and with Mika not being able to say no to Orga and only knows how to fight for him, they hype each other up for dumb decisions, leading to the Iron Blooded Orphans coming back for more, causing more political mess and death, leading to the end where Orga, Mika and like 90% of their crew die, only because Orga and Mika decided to push each other further and not satisfy in staying away from the battlefield.

    I find this a very interesting story and as someone who loves tragic stories with not all happy happy endings, I’d rank IBO’s plot as one of my favorites. It’s like Simon and Kamina from TTGL but gone wrong.


    Grave of the Fireflies
    Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Elfen Lied



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