Anime without female-on-male abuse?

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    Hello, good people. I’m here today to ask a favour. I’ve always wanted to get into anime, but there’s always been one thing that put me off, and that’s because almost every anime I’ve had a look at, they’d all had a lot of girls beating up boys or abusing and mistreating (often for minor offenses or just because) and having it played for laughs, which isn’t something I wanna see, having been in an abusive relationship with a girl before.

    I know it’s a trope prevalent in a lot of anime and I’d like to avoid it. So I was hoping to come here and ask for some suggestions on good animes that don’t have any of that type of stuff in it. It would be greatly appreciated. ^^


    That’s a good question, the only anime without female on male abuse that I can recommend are Howl’s Moving Castle, Castle in the Castle, Weathering with You, Your Name.


    Fist of the North Star.


    Hi @CodyCrogan, haven’t seen you here before, so welcome to G+G 😺 Here are some anime recommendations:

    Digimon Adventure – I know this series inside out, and there’s no such behavior in it, even though the characters do fight amongst each other at times. This is part of my fave anime, with 3 seasons and a movie finale where you get to watch the characters as they grow up, it also just got rebooted last year

    Sword Art Online – I’m watching this one now, only a few episodes in, but for now it’s all good, and judging by the tone of it, I don’t think girls are gonna beat up guys for comic relief here

    I’d give a few more suggestions, but I’d better refresh my memory on if they contain such scenes…

    If there’s any specific anime you’re thinking of watching just ask, if I’ve seen it I’ll let know how it is 😸

    And 1 anime I recommend you NEVER watch if scenes of abuse make you uncomfortable, Redo Of Healer, seriously, don’t even go near it

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    Oh great. Now people are gonna start coming after jokes in anime.

    Nothing can be played for laughs ever, people, because someone is gonna get offended.


    @EndCancelCulture, before you accuse people of coming after jokes in anime, or anything else, try reading the actual post instead of just the title


    I don’t know what kind of anime you’re into, but as a die hard Transformers fanatic, I would recommend a few Transformers animes: Beast Wars II, Beast Wars Neo (direct sequel to Beast Wars II), and Car Robots. There’s plenty of robot on robot violence but not people on people violence. All 3 animes have been fansubbed and are up on youtube. Car Robots was given an English dub and released here as Robots in Disguise. If you search for this, make sure to add “2001” to differentiate it from the more recent cartoon by the same name.


    Update: Sword Art Online – second half of season 1 goes pretty insane with humans being absolutely horrible to other humans, both in serious, and not so serious, situations, just though i should give you a heads up @CodyCrogan since you specificly said you don’t like that type of content…


    I would second Car Robots/(Retro)Robots in Disguise 2001 if your interested in some light hearted humor. It got me through some dark days and I never had to worry about things being too serious. Another anime I would suggest is Munto.

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