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    The reason I made this because Hollywood, the Comic Book Industry, and the Video Game Industry has bend the knee to wokeness which resulted in some franchises being ruined by this disease.

    I want to know which anime would recommend and how will you recommend anime to people. Although not everyone will never get into Anime which is fine. I don’t have problem with it.

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    If I ever recommend Anime to people, I find out what they like such as their favorite movies, TV Shows, books, comics, franchises, etc. Luckily I got some Anime recommendations for people who are fans of these franchises although there will be Tokusatsu and Fanfilms within the recommendations.

    -For Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Starship Troopers, Halo, and Dune Fans:
    SPT Layzner
    Metal Armor Dragonar
    Legend of the Galactic Heroes
    Gurren Lagann
    Cowboy Bebop
    Outlaw Star
    Tenchi Muyo
    Armored Troopers Votoms
    Starship Troopers Anime
    Space Battleship Yamato(Star Blazers)
    Blue Gender
    Five Star Stories
    Halo Legends
    Code Geass
    Space Runaway Ideon
    Irresponsible Captain Tylor
    Gal Force
    Warhammer 40k Astrates
    Warhammer 40k Helstorm
    -For DC, Marvel, Power Rangers, Pacific Rim, TMNT, Ghostbusters, He-Man, She-ra and Superhero Fans:
    My Hero Academia
    One Punch Man
    Samurai Flamingo
    Tiger and Bunny
    Infini-T Force
    Cyborg 009
    Cutie Honey
    Astro Boy
    Sailor Moon
    Saint Seiya
    Mazinger Z
    Getter Robo
    Tenkai Knights
    Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Batman Ninja
    Batman Gotham Knight
    Iron Man Anime
    X-Men Anime
    Wolverine Anime
    Blade Anime
    Marvel Disc Wars
    Marvel Future Avengers
    SSSS Gridman
    Demon Slayer
    Fire Force
    Maris the Supergirl
    Hyper Doll
    Kamen Rider
    Metal Heroes
    Super Sentai
    Spiderman Tokusatsu
    Tomica Rescue Force
    -For Terminator and Robocop Fans:
    Bubblegum Crisis
    Ghost in the Shell
    Psycho Pass
    Battle Angel
    Armitage III
    8 Man(8th Man)
    Mad Bull 34
    Metal Heroes
    -For Expendables, G.I. Joe, and Rambo Fans:
    Black Lagoon
    Fist of the North Star
    Cyber City Oedo
    Ninja Scroll
    Vampire Hunter D
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Kengan Ashura
    Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures
    Full Metal Panic
    -For Kung Fu, Karate Kid, Rocky, Mortal Kombat, Street Foghter, Undisputed, Never Back Down and Martial Arts Fans:
    Kengan Ashura
    Hajime no Ippo
    Megalo Boxing
    God of Highschool
    Street Fighter Anime
    -For Hunger Games and Maze Runner Fans:
    Mirai Nikki
    Type-Moon’s Fate Franchise
    Dr. Stone
    Tower of God
    God of Highschool
    -For Matrix and Ready Player One Fans:
    Ghost in the Shell
    Summer Wars
    Sword Art Online
    Accel World
    Log Horizon
    Serial Experiments Lain
    -For Harry Potter and Percy Jackson Fans:
    My Hero Academia
    Infinite Stratos
    Black Clover
    Little Witch Academia
    Assassination Classroom
    Saint Seiya
    Soul Eater
    Rosario Vampire
    -For His Dark Materials Fans:
    Attack on Titan
    Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
    Nadia Secret of the Blue Water
    Demon Slayer
    Howl’s Moving Castle
    Castle in the Sky
    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
    Naussica Valley of the Wind
    Saga of Tanya the Evil
    Code Geass
    Tower of God
    Warhammer 40k Astrates
    Warhammer 40k Helstorm
    -For James Bond, Mission Impossible, Jack Ryan, Jack Reacher, and Sherlock Holmes Fans:
    Golgo 13
    Lupin the III
    Psycho Pass
    Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures
    -For Disney and Pixar Fans:
    One Piece
    Kimba the White Lion
    Dragon Quest Your Story
    Hunter X Hunter
    Astro Boy
    Spirited Away
    Howl’s Moving Castle
    Princess Mononoke
    Porco Rosso
    Castle in the Sky
    Naussica Valley of the Wind
    Pom Pokko
    My Neighbor Totoro
    The Cat Returns
    Tales of Earthsea
    Whisper of the Heart
    When Marnie was there
    From Up on Poppy Hill
    The Wind Rises
    Kuni No Ni
    Fairy Tail
    Your Name
    Weathering with You
    -For Alien, Predator, and The Thing Fans:
    Lily C.A.T.
    Wicked City
    -For Stranger Things and Dark Fans:
    Elfen Lied
    -Back to the Future and Doctor Who fans:
    The Girl who leap through Time
    The Ancient Magus’ Bride
    Howl’s Moving Castle
    Dr. Stone
    -For Mad Max Fans:
    Violence Jack
    Fist of the North Star
    Casshern Sins
    Desert Punk
    -For Witcher, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Dungeons and Dragons, Swords and Sorcery, and Narnia Fans:
    Amon Saga
    The Heroic Legend of Arslan
    Records of the Lodoss War
    Records of the Grancrest War
    Vinland Saga
    Wings of Esclawflone
    Fairy Tail
    Aura Battler Dunbine
    Akame Ga Kill
    Goblin Slayer
    Black Clover
    Blue Dragon
    Type-Moon’s Fate Franchise
    Shadow Skill
    Eden’s Bowy
    Rave Masters
    Attack on Titan
    Deltora Quest
    Is it wrong to pick up a Girl in a Dungeon
    Rising of the Shield Hero
    Code Geass
    Warhammer 40k Astrates
    Warhammer 40k Helstorm
    -For Hannah-Barbera Fans:
    Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures

    If there’s anyone who is fans of this franchise, let know what you think of these recommendations.

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      these are a great fantastic list you put up there! great job for anyone who’s new entering for anime.


      Not sure I really need to add anything after a list like that.

      I’ll just second Berserk. Not an anime for the faint of heart, but an excellent piece of storytelling


      I would highly recommend:

      Excel Saga (old but Funny as Hell)
      Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijō (So much akwardness! Boyz will be Boyz)
      Binbougami Ga!
      Acchi Kocchi (who doesn’t like tiny “Cat Girl”)
      Shoukugeki no Soma (Food Wars Series) (S4 is ongoing)(Foodgasm)
      KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Series (EXPLOSION!!!)
      Lucky Star (our Lord and Savior Otaku Queen Kona-Chan)
      Seitokai Yakuindomo S1 and S2 (do you like to laugh? do you like dirty innocent jokes? then you need to watch this Anime)
      Kobayashi-san Chi no Meidoragon (Kanna-Chan is so Cute!)
      Working Series (i really like this series, cuz i can relate to it as a Waiter)
      K-on Series (a group of high school girls rocking cute songs)
      Assassination Classroom Series (Spoilers i cried)
      Gakusen Toshi Asterisk
      No Game No Life (It’s sad it never continued, give us Season 2!)
      Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins series) (Great Op. music)
      Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (The Irregular at Magic High School) (Do you like a OP Main Character, then you gonna like this Anime)(S2 delayed till next year NOOOOOO!)
      Arslan Senki (F*ning Great Anime, but it ends in a cliffhanger(never ended))
      Full Metal Panic! Series (old but Great)
      Log Horizon Series (S3 is delayed, F*ck!)(Much better than Sword art Online)
      Blend S

      These are my Personally Favorite Animes, hope you enjoy them UwU


        I caught Digimon on your (VinzingerG) list, that’s my favorite anime. Not sure if these were on your list and i just missed them, but oter anime’s i really like and recommend are Detective Conan (Case Closed) and Zatch Bell


        Typically when I recommend anime to people who don’t watch anime I try to suggest shows with certain aesthetics that I think appeal towards western sensibilities. A classic example would be Cowboy Bebop as the director has admitted to drawing inspiration from western made movies during it’s creation. A more modern example would be My Hero Academia whose clearly westernized capes and tights superheroes are a far cry from the super sentai and magical girl heroes common in Japanese shows. Other shows I would comfortably recommend with this mindset are Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, Redline, Violet Evergarden, and Vinland Saga.


        Great Scott, that’s a long list! Pretty good one though, as it does encompass a pretty broad swath of genres. This ought to prove helpful for anyone looking to dive in. Nicely done.


        That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime provides an enjoyable and fun-loving experience.

        Most of the story centers around worldbuilding, and the main character, Rimuru, possess abilities akin to those found in video games.


        That’s a big list right there! Awesome.


        This is a very good list, and they’re categorized well. This list should trend everywhere so that people who aren’t into anime but want to get into it, know where to start.


        Cowboy Bebop is probably the number 1 anime that I’d recommend to anyone. Its fun while also being a little mysterious, and the music is FANTASTIC. It’s a beautiful space anime that doesn’t always make you feel happy when the episodes are over.



        Another anime I’d recommend is a current anime called Sing Yesterday for me. This show is fantastic. The characters are all relatable, especially for the target audience; basically 22 year olds and high schoolers. Some of the characters do seem annoying and entitled while giving of a jerk attitude, but that’s part of the experience. Trust me watch this show, it’s in Crunchy Roll so you can watch it for free.



        Yeah, that ending in Berserk… should warn people they’ll need to read the manga to find out what happens next…



        It’s definitely a different kind of story.  With an entirely different kind of protagonist.  And I think that’s part of it’s appeal.  I really liked that show, and I definitely can recommend giving it a watch.

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